ComiXology Debuts New “Continue” Feature!


This means you can carry on reading your comic on another device without losing your place! ComiXology is available on a variety of platforms for Apple users, Android fans and Windows nuts too.

Now if you decide your tired of reading your latest issue of Saga on your iPad, you can switch to your PC, or phone and your comic will be ready for you on the exact same page you left it.

ComiXology co-founder and CEO David Steinberger said:

“This feature is another upgrade in a long line of innovations comiXology has brought to digital comics. Our vision is to turn everyone, everywhere into a comics fan, and by creating the best user experience possible with features like comiXology Continue we’re doing just!”

As a user of lots of different tablets, phones and computers this makes us very happy.

Source: comiXology
Reporter: Sara Westrop

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