COOL STUFF: Gifts for Geeks

Just for you geeks we at Geek Syndicate have been looking around the web for all the cool stuff out there and here are just a few of our favourite things that caught our eyes this week.

First up is these so cute lightsaber chop sticks. Just imagine eating your Chinese or Thai with these baby’s and then you can have a mini lightsaber duel afterwards. You can grab them at Firebox for £10.99


Ever wanted a teapot that was bigger on the inside, wonder no more because now you can own a genuine TARDIS teapot. Just perfect when the Doctor pops round for a cuppa. Pre order this beauty at Forbidden Planet for £21.99.



OK then next up is a life size replica of an ALIEN egg from the films. Just think when people come round and sit on the sofa with this thing next to them. See how they slowly move away….. Pick it up at PLAY for a hefty £499.99.

Last but not least is a complete working replica of the Lost in Space B9 robot. This is truly a thing of beauty that works, moves and talks. Words escape me on this. So sell your house and go for it. Who needs a car anyway. The price….. £25,500 at Firebox

GS Reporter: Montoya

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