COOL STUFF REVIEW: My Urban Funk Grimlock 3D light

Transformers: Grimlock 3D light


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I’m bowing out the week with my last 3D light review (Grimlock!), and my second to last My Urban Funk item. I’ve got an ultra-cute and ultra-special review lined up for the very last My Urban Funk product, but I’ll keep the details of that to myself for the time being.

For now let’s talk about the Transformers Grimlock 3D light!

Grimlock is a dinosaur like Autobot Dinobot/Maximal from the Transformers franchise and has gone through a few evolutions (see what I did there?) since the Gen1 cartoon continuity. The 3D light from My Urban Funk is based on the most recent incarnation of the primitive Autobot and is pretty awesome.


Grimlock in his box

The detail of the 3D light really stands out (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?) and you’ll be impressed with how realistic the light looks… well, as realistic as one can expect from something based on a cartoon/comic/toy.



In box close up


The back of Grimlock’s box

Even before you illuminate the light, Grimlock looks amazing and you’ll appreciate details like the eyes and teeth, as well as the layering of the `metal` body around the Dinobot’s face.


Look at the detail of the eye, isn’t it cool?

Like the other 3D lights from My Urban Funk, Grimlock runs off AA batteries (not included) and uses the super safe LED bulbs, so if you want to put this light in an area where children play/sleep, you’ll not have to worry about the light becoming hot to the touch.


Grimlock with his decal sticker

However safe the LED bulbs are, the light is NOT a toy – health and safety peeps! You don’t want your little one, yourself, or anyone else to get hurt and become Dino-SORE (DID YOU SEE WHa… ok, I’ll stop) I really love Grimlock’s eye, considering it’s the eye of a dinosaur that is also a robot that is also technically an alien, it looks pretty `real`! The creepy glow from the eye is really dramatic, especially when coupled with the red light emanating from that teeth strewn mouth.

Grimlock may be one for the older children in this sense, or maybe avoid putting it in bedrooms where someone (adult or child) may get a little freaked out by a glowing eye staring at them all night.


Every time I see this I think “ROOOAR! OMNOMNOM!”

If you’re not one to suffer ophthalmophobia then you’ll find the effect of the eye and the mouth glowing together pretty cool, especially as the blue of the eye mixes with the red of the mouth to give a purpley kind of transition around Grimlock’s nose (snout?)


Side view of Grimlock on the wall

Much like with the Millennium Falcon light, the wall decal sticker is pretty effective with Grimlock – although it’s the standard black cracks around the light (unlike the red and yellow flames of the Falcon) the angle of Grimlock’s head (and the setting of the light’s features) all add into the effect of this Dino bot popping its head through your bedroom wall.

Over all, a pretty cool light and definitely one for the Transformers fans and definitely DINO-mite! (Sorry, I’m not sorry)

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Star Rating: 4/5

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