COOL STUFF REVIEW: My Urban Funk Star Wars Mini & Munnee Box

Cool Stuff Review: My Urban Funk C3-PO Star Wars Mini and Munnee Box

The fine people at My Urban Funk have been kind enough to provide several of their products for testing and review and last week I showed you the pretty epic Millennium Falcon and Death Star 3D lights, this week I thought I’d bring you something for a younger audience.

Now, the C3-PO Star Wars mini light and Kidult Munnee box would be a perfectly acceptable item for any adult but as time goes by I find that myself and my fellow Geeks are now shopping for little ones as much as we are ourselves. Many of the products from My Urban Funk definitely have a lot of cross over for potential gifts for both grown-ups and children alike (although, maybe not the chopping boards…) and some of you will probably end up wanting to keep most of the stuff you buy to give as gifts, well – if you’re anything like me that is.

My Urban Funk

CR-PO in his box

The C3-PO Star Wars Mini is such a cute little 3D light and is one of ten characters in the Minis line, so there’s no worry if you need to decorate according to your little’s allegiance to the Dark or Light Side.

Just like the Mini’s bigger 3D light cousins, these guys all come with a decal sticker that you have the option of using. Personally I think the Mini lights looks just as good without the decal behind them, but they are really neat and pretty handy as a guide on where to put the nails.

My Urban Funk

Back of C3-PO box

The cartoony look of C3-PO (and the others in the series) is really sweet and the bold lines and bright colours really pop even when they’re not illuminated.

My Urban Funk

Out of his box and into my giant paw!

The Mini lights also use LED bulbs, which don’t get hot even if you have the light on all night. This is a bonus not only to preserve any wall paper or paint work in your Geekling’s room but also from a safety point of view; no signed fingers and no potential to burn any furnishings. The lights run off of 2 AA batteries, which are not included with the light.

Out of box and with his decal sticker

Out of box and with his decal sticker

When illuminated the light gives off a bright, but subtle, glow. It’s perfect as a night light as it won’t be bright enough to keep little ones awake but you’ll still be able to navigate a toy strewn floor by its light.

My Urban Funk

C3-PO looks great lit up on the wall


My Urban Funk

What a dapper droid


The Kidult range from My Urban Funk has a great series of caricature money boxes… wait sorry, that should be Munnee boxes!

My Urban Funk

The whole Munee box series

The box states that this is the first series of Munnee boxes and I can see some people wanting to have the whole collection. I went for “Paul”, a friendly looking alien pal with a name that’s a nod to Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s film, erm, “Paul”

My Urban Funk

Paul in his box

The Munnee boxes are pretty hefty, being made of painted and varnished wood, so be careful that any small humans you give them to don’t use them as toys.

My Urban Funk

Back of box

The bright, colourful details on Paul are totally delightful and I’m so glad that it has them front and back. And who can’t be charmed by a little alien dude wearing woolly spacesuit PJ’s covered in stickers and with an oversized pencil in his top pocket?

My Urban Funk

The Paul Munnee box… out of his box

The coin slot is plenty big enough that children should have any problems putting their money into the box, and with little folding paper money is no issue either.

My Urban Funk

The cute details are on the back as well

The Munnee boxes are forever jars, and have a stopper at the bottom for when the lil’uns decide it’s time to splash some cash – although you’ll find you may have to help them with this part, as I found getting the stopper out to be a little tricky (but I guess that’s as good a deterrent as any not to spend all your savings).

My Urban Funk

Stop the spending with this stopper


My Urban Funk


Over all I’m totally enchanted by both the Star Wars Mini 3D lights and the Munnee boxes. Go check out more fun products over on the My Urban Funk website, or visit this Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.


C3-PO  Star Wars Mini 5/5

Munnee Box “Paul” 4/5


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