COOL STUFF: Scaramanga’s Golden Gun Anyone?

If you have ever harbored any desire to become a deadly assassin, with three nipples, who only needs one bullet for this target then this replica Golden Gun probably isn’t going to be much help.

The gold-plated replica, available for pre-order over at is a limited edition 1:1 copy of  the infamous weapon used by Francisco Scaramanga in ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’. Like the original the gun can be broken down into the individual parts and comes with display stand, acrylic cover, certificate of authenticity, detailed prop story booklet, and numbered plaque.

However with a retail price of 429.99 you may need to take on a few assassinations to afford it!*

*We here at Geek Syndicate do not condone international assassination with golden weapons of any kind.

GS Reporter: Nuge

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