COSPLAY REVIEW: Crossplay Bilbo Baggins

GS Bilbo Baggins Crossplay

AWESOME BILBO BAGGINS CROSSPLAY ALERT. Check out this costume by aishafee. It’s incredible.

I love the use of colours in this look- the jacket is a beautiful red and teamed with the mustard skirt means it works well with the more neutral shades in the costume. The make up is nice and simple and her hair has a wonderful unkempt look… Seems as though she’s already spent a couple of days trekking to Mordor! Her attitude is badass. “Yes I’m a small Hobbit, but I’m fierce.”

The kind of rugged/worn look this costume has really makes it seem like it could have been a costume that was actually used in the film! The dirt on the skirt hem, muddied up Hobbit feet and scratched knuckles are excellent touches- shows that details really count!

GS Bilbo Baggins CrossplayHere’s what aishafee has to say about this piece:

“This is my female Bilbo cosplay. It took me 2-3 months to finish it (I searched for the fx sting sword for 5 months… This picture was taken on Castlefest 2013 by Chris Van de Weerd, I’m also going to the elf fantasy fair this year.”

That’s 3 months well spent. The finished costume is brilliant! Check out more of aishafee’s work (including a blooming brillaint female Joker) here.

Source: deviantART
Reporter: Jess Hawke

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