DVD REVIEW: Cosplayers UK

Cosplayers UK gives viewers an insight into the world of cosplay here in the UK, as MCM let cameras backstage to see what it’s like to compete in the famous Masquerade. Pass the popcorn!

GS Cosplayers UK

Directed and produced by Johnnie Oddball and Ed Hartwell, Cosplayers UK is the first feature documentary about the UK cosplay scene. It follows a group of enthusiastic cosplayers as they compete in the London Comic Con (May 2011) cosplay Masquerade. We learn about the insane amount of hard work that goes into organising the Masquerade, how it’s judged and what a skit is. There are great interviews with both amateur and more experienced cosplayers, as well as organisers of the event, so you get everyone’s opinions of the con and UK cosplay scene. Skits by dedicated cosplayers from the Masquerade are shown in slow-mo, which is a nice effect, but the boredom starts to set in a little after a three minute performance. Some snippets of the acts would have been great to keep in interesting and fast paced.

Obviously this small production doesn’t have all the extra glitz and glam that other documentaries or series have, but it’s still a great watch. Some DVD extras and maybe more of an insight into the lives of cosplayers during the run up to a con would have been fab. I find it’s way more interesting to see the process of making a costume from start to finish, rather than just a small description of the end product. It allows you to engage with the cosplayers more and feels like you’re more involved in the cosplay adventure!

Overall a good little documentary that shows why people cosplay and how it fits into their lives. It has a great range of people and costumes of varying levels of difficulty and a variety of franchises, even if there are a few too many Final Fantasy cosplayers! It doesn’t get lost in the competitiveness side of cosplay and get bogged down in all the drama, poke fun at the cosplayers or portray them as “oddballs” as others might think con goers are. Definitely one of the more honest pieces of film about cosplay!

GS Rating: ★★★


Reporter: Jess Hawke

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