Edible Ewok Village Anyone?

So in the ok it’s about 9am and you’ve probably just made your second tea of coffee of the day. What better treat to go with your Friday morning cuppa than carving a slice of an Ewok Village. Just think your could bite one of the little guys heads off, stick it on a matchstick and tape it to your work monitor as a warning to your fellow workmates that you should never be crossed…no?…maybe that’s just me.

In my all new Star Wars film the Ewoks would have been scattered to the four winds when their village is completely destoryed by the second Death Star forcing Han and Chewbacca to recruit a gang of feral bad ass ewoks who Chewie trains and together they become the fearsome commando unit called Chewie’s Dozen.  Anyway while we wait for Mr Lucas to read my script we can have a bite out of this tasty and edible Ewok village.

So this year for my Festival of Trees project, I decided to do Star Wars. I know it might not be the most festive idea, but the theme was “Under the Tree” so I mean…. come on… it sort of works? Right? Yeah? Forest of Endor? Lots of trees? Whatever, hopefully it will help raise lots of moolah for the University Hospital! and that’s what it’s all about. That and challenging myself to learn something new every time. So get comfy, and get ready for the play-by-play of how this idea became a reality.

Casting calls start for Chewie's Dozen

Head over to theinfinteyums.blogspot.com to find out how it was made.

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Source: http://theinfiniteyums.blogspot.com/2011/11/in-galaxy-far-far-away.html

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