FASHION REVIEW: Darth Vader Steampunk

url-39Mixing steampunk with well-known franchises for cosplay is hard to get right, but it can work really well. Cross-dressing in cosplay is also becoming more popular too, and May B. here has created an awesome steampunk Lady Darth Vader.



Inspired by Victorian mourning dress, May B’s Lady Vadore is stunning. The dress, the hair piece, the accessories are all amazing and the detail on the mask is incredible. It’s great when people put a huge amount of effort into cosplay and it really pays off. To see more pics of Lady Vadore, as well as a steampunk AT-AT, click here.


Also, I thought I’d share this great find from MCM Expo: a Vader steampunk helmet. I see this as something that works well as part of a display rather than a piece that can be worn. It’s so detailed and so intricate that I think it’s easier to view and admire if it were in one place, instead of moving around the venue on someone’s head. The colours and extra additions and modifications to the helmet are brilliant and I think this is a beautiful piece of work.

Have you ever mixed a well-known franchise with steampunk? Or cross-dressed for cosplay? Let me know!

Source: EPBOT
Reporter: Jess Hawke

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