First look at the Infinity Gauntlet from Thor the movie

Thanos mounts the six Infinity Gems, (collected in the The Thanos Quest limited series), on his left glove to form the Infinity Gauntlet, the focus of the title of the series. Each Gem grants its bearer complete mastery over one aspect of the universe: Time, Space, Mind, Soul, Reality, and Power. – Wikipedia

So how well has one of the most powerful objects in the Marvel Universe been created to look in the big screen outing of Thor? Well below is an image the guys from Comic Book Resources have posted which should answer that question and from my money it’s looks pretty  cool.

I wonder how much that will fetch on Ebay after the film comes out

Source: Comic Book Resources

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  1. Crimson Archer /

    The Infinity Gauntlet is in the Thor movie?! COOL!!!

  2. Anthony Gross /

    All I wanna know is, where can I get one!!

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