Geek Gadge – Eye of the Tiger remix music video with all instruments played on ipads!

Thanks to Jordan Hollender for sending in this video he directed of an awesome Eye of the Tiger remix music video put together solely using ipads.
I was desperate to get my hands on an iPad before but after seeing video I may have to put together a crack team to storm the apple store in London. In case the police are following this blog that was a joke fellas….or was it.

Eye of the Tiger by Survivor.
All instruments were played using ipad applications downloaded from itunes.
Scott Harris – musical production and arrangement
Starring Scott Harris, Harold O’Neal AKA Kid Jazz and Shea Butta
Directed by Jordan Hollender in collaboration with Diane Collins and Zbabam Productions

Richard Bell / Jon Vachon: Gaffer / Grip
Bryan Lynde: Hair & Makeup
Alex Johnstone: Stylist
KM Camera and Studio Rental

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