Getting Inked: Geeky Tattoos Part 3

Getting Inked: Geeky Tattoos

This week on Getting Inked: Geeky Tattoos I’ve had the pleasure of talking to another lovely Agent of Geek Syndicate, Vix!

Vix has many wonderful tattoos and I’ve seen a few of them in person, she was kind enough to talk to me about what geeky tattoos she has and share with us some photos of them as well. Some of you may already be familiar with Vix’s work for Geek Syndicate or from when she’s been a guest of The Defenders podcast. Being an amazing nerd, it’s no wonder she has a number of geeky tattoos.

The Dragon and Phoenix battle it out.

The Dragon and Phoenix battle it out.

Hi Vix! Thanks for talking to me today; can we start off with a little run down of what in you have? How many tattoos do you have?

I am the proud owner of 8 tattoos, 5 of which are fairly geeky.  Well, 4 of them are REALLY geeky.

I got my first one in 1998 and it’s a Buzzin’ Hornet on my left shoulder that I had done for Damon Hill’s final season in F1.  Since then, I’ve had 7 more done, the last of which I had done in March of this year. 

Vix's first tattoo, the Buzzin' Hornet show cases how sports can be a fandom of its own.

Vix’s first tattoo, the Buzzin’ Hornet show cases how sports can be a fandom of its own.


Then I had a Star Trek Quote translated into Elvish and put on my upper right arm.  It says “Time is the fire in which we burn”.  Well, the professor at Cambridge university that I had translate it into elvish assures me that yes, that’s exactly what it says.  After that was a pair of entwined Celtic dragons tattooed above the elvish to represent my lifetime battle with manic depression.  The next one is the only tattoo that I regret and that’s an ex’s name in Tibetan across the top of my shoulders.  I hate it but I can’t see it so out of sight, out of mind! I’ll get it covered eventually. 

 Then came my upper arm sleeve on my left arm, a phoenix and a dragon battling it out.  That I had done to represent my battle with alcoholism.  It still need to be coloured in but it’s an expensive job!  I also have the original starship Enterprise’s serial number tattooed on my left wrist.  So that’s 2 Trek tattoos (and counting).


Live Long and Prosper with the Original Enterprise tattoo

Live Long and Prosper with the Original Enterprise tattoo

You’ve clearly put a lot of thought into your tattoos and they have really strong meanings to you. I love the Enterprise’s serial number tattoo – I’ve thought about having that done myself!

You also mentioned getting a new tattoo in March? Is that a geeky tattoo as well?

I got my Hawkeye tattoos done this year on the inside of both my lower arms.  These represent not only my deep love of the character, but also what he stands for.  Clint Barton isn’t super.  He doesn’t have any powers, he’s just a guy with a bow and arrow.  But he still keeps up with the rest of the pack.  He works hard, he fights hard and he does his best. 

Since I was 7 years old, Clint has taught me that hard work and perseverance gets you to where you want to be and that you don’t have to be super to be a hero.  You just need to have the balls and the will to get shit done.  And now I have a daily reminder of that with my tattoos!


Is this one tattoo? Two? I don't know!

Vix and her newest geeky tattoo (or is this two tattoos?) done by Eternal Tattoo

I think those arrows look great, and I love the Matt Fraction influence in the design. Where do you get your work done?

My tattooist (Eternal Tattoo in Dorking) is awesome, the shop is fantastic and it’s always a right laugh going in to see them. 

So, do you have any words of wisdom for people thinking of getting inked? What’s it like for you?

I love getting tattooed. I get quite a euphoric high whilst I’m in the chair and usually end up falling asleep because of that.  Yeah, I know, I’m an odd one!  I have a really high pain threshold so I don’t find it painful at all.  My tips for being in the chair would be don’t move the bit that’s being tattooed.  Sounds easy but it’s not as easy when you’re in the chair.

Some other tips for you:

  • Do your research: Find a tattooist that you like. Go into the shops, talk to them.  If you don’t like the tattooist then you’re not going to have a good first experience getting inked.
  • Do you have your own designs? Most tattooists charge 1 of 2 ways.  If you already have the artwork, then they charge by the piece.  If you want a customer job of their artwork, then they’ll charge by the hour.  Personally, I like to take a few designs in to my tattooist and have him create something using the pictures as a reference.  He’ll usually do a couple of different rough sketches for me to see.  Then we’ll discuss them all and decide on one along with any alternations.  Remember: tattooists are artists and they won’t tattoo anything on you if they don’t think you’re happy.  Work with them to get something that you’re really happy with – they really don’t mind doing that.
  • Not sure what to get? Take some designs that you really like into the shop and sit down with your tattooist.  They always happy to do that.
  • Decided on what you want? Then go and see your tattooist to discuss it, make sure you’re both happy with it and then book yourself in.
  • STAY HYDRATED. I cannot stress that enough.  When you’re in the chair (especially if it’s going to be over an hour), take a bottle of water with you.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask your tattooist to stop if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed or dizzy. They’re usually really good at noticing these things anyway, but if you’re feeling woozy, tell them.
  • PAY ATTENTION TO THE AFTERCARE INFO. Your tat will need tender loving care over the next 2-3 weeks to pay attention to what your tattooist tells you.  And make sure you go and buy some nappy rash cream.  It’s the best thing for tattoo aftercare.
  • Don’t get upset if your tattooist won’t use your design. Ultimately, they know what they’re doing and if they think you’ll regret that particular tattoo, they’ll let you know.  But they will work with you to make it better so don’t get offended.


 Do you have anything to say to people thinking about getting tattooed for the first time?

To anyone thinking about getting their first tattoo, my advice to you is this: get whatever the hell you want.  I know I should say that you need to really think it over and make sure that you really want one and that you really want that particular tattoo.  But you know what?  If whatever you decide on means something to you right now then do it.  Ultimately, it’s your body and your decision so it’s up to you, not anyone else.  My only tattoo don’t is for the love of Odin, NEVER get a partner’s name tattooed on you anywhere.  You may end up being together forever but just don’t do it.  And if you do, put it somewhere that you can’t see it every single day!  But basically, just don’t do it.


Ah, SciFi and Fantasy. You don't have to pick a side! Especially not with this ST quote written in Elvish.

Ah, SciFi and Fantasy. You don’t have to pick a side! Especially not with this ST quote written in Elvish.

That’s a pretty empowering message for anyone; your body is your own! Do other people generally respect your decision to get tattoos?

The reactions to my tats are usually pretty positive.  Older generations tend not to like them because they’re still stuck in the mind-set that ‘ladies don’t get tattooed’.  Well, sorry guys but that’s just not true.  I call it wearing my soul on the outside.  My tattoos represent me and who I am as well as the struggles I’ve been through in my life.  It’s my way of expressing all of that and if people don’t like that then oh well.  My tattoos aren’t hurting anyone and I love them so anyone’s negative opinion about them is just water of a duck’s back.


That’s some fantastic stuff from Vix, I love how expressive she’s been with her designs and how each and everyone one of them have a special meaning and symbolism. Her geeky tattoos cover some great varieties of fandoms; from SciFi to fantasy to sport! (Yes, I think sport is covered by the term fandom, fans are just as, if not more, fanatical about their subject as a comic or film nerd is about theirs)

I want to thank Vix for taking the time to talk to me and thank her for the great advice she’s offered up about getting a tattoo and the positive influence tattoos can have on a person.

Next week we’ll be hearing from a belly dancing baker with a quote from the Bard and some Buffy inspired lettering!

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Come back next week for more from Getting Inked: Geeky Tattoos!

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  1. Cameron McCrorie /

    Loving these Getting Inked blogs and hope there’s going to be more of them in the future 🙂 I’ve always wanted to get a tattoo but living in the world of Sci-Fi, Geekdom And Fandom its very difficult to be original. Don’t get me wrong its not much of an excuse not to get one done but having seen the amount of Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who tattoo’s etc. that are out there I’m really at a loss for what to get 🙂

    Maybe I should get a Legend Of Zelda tattoo 😀 😀

    • There’s another couple of week’s worth of these coming up! I hope you continue to enjoy them =)
      A good way to come up with a design when you’re not sure what exactly you want, is to email or speak to a tattoo artist. If you tell them what you’re passionate about and maybe even gather some reference pictures and pictures of tattoos/styles you like, they’ll work with you to come up with an original design.
      Just be aware that doing that will cost you more!
      Or you could combine fandomes, like Vix did with her Star Trek/Tolkien tattoo.

      If you decide to get a tattoo, the most important thing is that you’re happy with what you’re getting and you don’t have doubts about the design =)


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