Getting Inked: Geeky Tattoos, Part 4

Getting Inked: Geeky Tattoos, Part 4


Another amazing tattoo that shows Lynsey's passion for baking

Another amazing tattoo that shows Lynsey’s passion for baking

Week three of the series on tattoos brings us the plentiful offerings of Lynsey! You can go here to find parts 1, 2  3

Cupcake baking, belly dancing Lynsey has a number of tattoos (many of the geeky tattoos and all of them awesome) that covers many things she holds close to her heart, she’s a perfect example of someone who gets tattoos with thought and feeling. All of her ink has been well thought out and it’s clear to see that not only does she get tattoos of her interests but that tattooing itself is something she is passionate about. Her designs also play into her other interests – Lynsey has a number of abdominal tattoos which she displays in belly dancing show cases; the rippling of her tummy is given an extra amazing effect by the swirls of colour and intricate designs.


Lynsey was kind enough to talk to me about her geeky tattoos, what she has done and offers some sage advice for people considering getting a tattoo!


Hi Lynsey! Any new ink since I last saw you?

“I just had the last of my roses done and the vines completed. Looks epic, if I do say so myself!”



They do look amazing!  Can you talk me through some of your other pieces: How many do you have, what do they mean to you?

“I love tattoos. It’s hard to say exactly how many I actually have; it depends on what you count as one piece. The first one I had done was the little pentacle on my right should when I was 18. I’ve since had it shaded and the line work thickened but originally it was just 5 lines in a circle. I did this as I wanted to test the waters so to speak. I didn’t want to get this big design all drawn up if I wasn’t going to be able to cope with the pain. But it was really easy!

The pentacle was the first tattoo done, and used to test the waters of getting inked

The pentacle was the first tattoo done, and used to test the waters of getting inked

The pentacle redone

The pentacle redone

I have a dagger on the side of my left thigh with the script “Is this a dagger I see before me” written around it. I love the play Macbeth and felt that the scene where he descends into madness was perfect for a tattoo. After I had this done my partner Rikki took me to see the The Scottish Play at the Globe theatre for a surprise night away in London!”


Lysey's tattoo honouring the Scottish PLay

Lysey’s tattoo honouring the Scottish PLay

That’s amazing and I love your Macbeth tattoo!

“I also have “In Madness You Dwell”, which is a lyric from the Metallica song The Thing That Should Not Be. I love this track and would consider it to be one of their best yet most under-rated songs. The font I used was from Buffy The Vampire Slayer, just because I loved that show growing up but wanted a more subtle nod to it.” 


A ling from the Metallica song `The Thing That Should Not Be`

A ling from the Metallica song `The Thing That Should Not Be`

I know you have flower designs on your abdomen, which gives your belly dancing a little extra colour – do you have any others that relate to anything else you’re interested in?

“I have a fairy on my right thigh, large and brightly coloured. I love fantasy and fairies are devious creatures and it appeals to my cheeky side”


This fairy lady graces Lysnsey's leg and shows of some of her other interests.

This fairy lady graces Lysnsey’s leg and shows of some of her other interests.

What does it mean to you, having these tattoos? Do you find people are usually positive about them?

“I love being tattooed. I love the whole package; the sensation of being inked, the smell of the studio. The sound of the machine (not gun, never call it a tattoo gun, huge faux pas). I am not very artistic myself, never very good at drawing, but I enjoy art. And tattoo’s a great way of keeping art with you at all times.

People’s reactions are always interesting. You often get stroked by strangers. These types of people will also ask “Is it real”. The sarcastic git in me always wants to say no, I just spent hours painting myself this morning before I left the house. One guy actually licked his fingers and tried to rub off the snake arm band from my right arm! Most people however are pretty positive”


Eww, I don’t know what to say to that – dear readers, please never rub your spit on someone, even if you’re not sure if their ink is real…. Well, unless a person asks you to, consensual spitting only people!

Do you get all your work done at the same place or by the same person?

“My tattoo artist now is Christopher Hughes. I’ve been going to him for years now. I had my first 3 pieces done at The Black Scorpion in Cheshunt. But after I met Chris and saw his work I started going to him. Now he has his own studio called Hughes Tattoos, which he and his wife Claire run together (who did my pair of cupcakes on my back).”

Lynsey is a professional baker and cupcakes are one of her passions, which she highlights with these yummy tattoos

Lynsey is a professional baker and cupcakes are one of her passions, which she highlights with these yummy tattoos


And finally, as I have been asking all my lovely contributors; any survival tips for people about to get into the artist’s chair?

“Surviving the chair? Take a picnic with you. You’ll need something salty, something sugary and plenty of fluids. Don’t drink alcohol 24 hours before a session, or you’ll bleed like hell! Sometimes, if you go in for a particularly painful spot, or its’ your first time, take a friend with you to hold your hand. Just not an entourage! 

The shoulders and the back of the neck I would say from personal experience are the easiest places to get tattooed. And by easy I mean less painful. For someone with no tattoo’s I would recommend that to be the starting point”



Lynsey is another advisor of `Don’t drink and Ink` and has highlighted some good areas of the body to consider for a first time tattoo. Lynsey is also a baking dynamo and you can find the details of her cupcake business here.

And if you’d like to see Lynsey’s impressive ink in action, head over here for details of the belly dancing group she’s involved in.


I’d still love to hear from people wanting to contribute! If you are a tattoo artist or know one who would like to get involved, leave a comment below or tweet me! See you next week for more geeky tattoos!
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