Kids TV Show ‘Knightmare’ on Kickstarter!

KNIGHTMARE_zps1204c4efWelcome Watchers of Illusion! To the Castle of Confusion! Yes, British readers of a certain age will almost certainly be familiar with Knightmare, a TV gameshow in which a team of kids guided another child through a series of computer generated rooms he couldn’t see, facing all sorts of computer generated threats. I was strange yet compulsive. And now, its trying to come back!. From Kickstarter:

The immortal words of Treguard the Dungeon Master ring out for the first time in 20 years as he opens the doors to the world of adventure, but do you dare enter?

Knightmare, the cult TV show is live onstage at the Edinburgh Festival for the first time and offers YOU the chance to don the immortal helmet of justice. Guided by two top comedians, a Kickstarter backer will attempt to defeat Lord Fear’s mighty dungeon in the greater game of chance;

There’s riddles to solve, magical characters to help or hinder you, hideous monsters to battle and, of course, spell casting!

How cool does that sound?

GS Reporter: Matt

Source: Kickstarter

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