Leeds to Gain TARDIS Blue Wi-Fi Network

blue boxLeeds-based telecoms company aql are launching a scheme to provide free Wi-fi to the city via Tardis-Blue refurbished phone boxes. The renovated phone boxes are being turned into solar-powered network hubs that will also allow free short calls, emergency services contact and display civic information about the city.


Cool, huh? It’s an interesting idea, integrating modern technology into the iconic design of the old phone boxes, and the colour choice can’t be a co-incidence! Jenny Wilkinson, from aql, told the Yorkshire Evening Post:

“London has red, Hull has white and hopefully we are going to have blue. It’s a way of setting us apart and making Leeds unique and inventive.

“These are not only blue boxes, but green boxes too. They will be powered by solar energy, with a back-up power supply inside. Each box will be locked and secure from vandals. We won’t have to dig up roads or install cables. These will be icons – something residents will want to get their picture taken with.”

Oh, and they have their own cool acronym: LEODIS:  Leeds Electronic Ordnance and Digital Information System.

GS Reporter: Matt

Source: YEP/aql

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