Mark Millar and Jonathan Ross to celebrate CLiNT launch with signing at Victoria Station

The eagerly awaiting CLiNT magazine which is being spearheaded by Mark Millar with contribution from Jonathan Ross, Frankie Boyle and Jimmy Carr will be hitting the stands on Thursday 2nd September.

If you’re in London on the day then pop over to Victoria Station at 4.30pm where both Mark and Jonathan will be there to sign copies of the magazine to celebrate its launch.

I’m still not sure of what to expect from this new magazine but the art I’ve seen so far looks great and as a fan of Kick Ass I’ll be looking forward to seeing the sequel make it’s debut in the mag as well as Millar’s Nemesis, which I’ve not read yet. Also if you’ve not been picking up Ross’s Turf  comic then maybe this is a good time to jump on board as the first two issues were a great read.

Regardless of whether CLiNT is a success or not (I hope it is) it’s great to see some big names coming out of the woodwork to try and expose  a larger market to the comics medium. I’m not a big fan of the name but to be honest it’s just a name and if the content is solid I’ll keep buying issues it’s that simple.

So in the words of Leslie ‘Airplane’ Nielsen

“Good luck CLiNT we’re all counting on you.”

Source: CLiNT

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