McDonalds Boycott over Marvel Happy Meals

A group called “Campaign For A Commercial-Free Childhood” have launched a campaign to petition (pester) the CEO of McDonalds with a letter (rant).

The letter says:

I am writing to demand that you immediately pull your Marvel comic action figure Happy Meal promotion for preschool boys.

I am appalled that this promotion includes The Human Torch, a man on fire, and The Thing, which menacingly roars “IT’S CLOBBERIN’ TIME!” at the press of a button.

Your decision to hand little boys the horrifying spectacle of a man engulfed in flames or a menacing figure that explicitly spurs them to violence calls into question McDonald’s reputation as a family-friendly company.  I urge you to end this promotion immediately.

The group has this too say about the toy-line;

It’s bad enough that McDonald’s relentlessly uses junk toys to sell children on junk food.  It’s awful that this giveaway continues the troubling trend of fast food restaurants promoting toys linked to violent PG-13 movies. And it’s terrible that McDonald’s, the leading distributor of toys in the United States, relentlessly perpetuates the worst gendered stereotypes with its Happy Meal giveaways.  During the current promotion, boys get violent action figures with their burgers and fries, while girls are offered cutesy animals that, bizarrely, come with hand bags.

Now it’s plainly obviously that these people have never picked up a comic book or seen a comic book movie! last time I watched a Fantastic Four The Human Torch wasn’t screaming in pain over the fact that his flesh is on fire! and the Thing wasn’t instructing children to beat each other up!

I’m all for protecting our children from things they shouldn’t see/read/watch, and that’s why I believe young children shouldn’t be allowed to read certain comic books or watch certain movies (but that’s why they have age ratings) it’s up to the responsible adults to decide what is appropriate and  this group is NOT the responsible adult for children all over the world. They should stick to looking after their own kids and leave everyone else alone.

I grew up eating fast food and playing with “violent” toys and I grew up all right! well… i don’t kill people!

What really gets me with these types of groups is the fact that they don’t seem too concerned with the food, It’s the crappy food that’s going to cause more harm to the kids! So complain about that before you complain about some colourful lumps of plastic.

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  1. CCFC?! As in Cardiff City Football Club?! I know for a fact they loves a bit of junk food down there. Usually it’s a Clark’s pie and a cup of Bovril mind but a Maccy Ds would go down lovely.

    In all seriousness, there is now a fantastic new procedure which is actually able to remove a stick from someone’s arse with very little pain and/or discomfort. I recommend the CCFC get a block booking.

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