Misson Impossible Shows Off Its 3D Mask Maker

I know the film has been out for a little while now but check out this cool little viral for Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol that let’s you create a 3D mask for a member of the IMF team.

It’s all done in very slick style with fancy animations and the classic Mission Impossible theme blaring in the background as you either upload or take a picture with your webcam and put together your mask.

I’ll let the developers of the app Glasseye explain the science bit.

Glasseye have created an innovative 3D face mapping, mask making app for the promotion of Mission: Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocol.

Mask Maker utilizes ground breaking new technology. It combines Adobe Stage 3D, Flash 11, FaceGen and Beyond Face Reality enabling it to realise complex 3D objects and environments and pioneering lighting within Flash, delivering a truly inspired 3D avatar maker. Your image is then rendered into CCTV footage which allows you to be a part of the movie.

To be honest you’ll probably only visit the website once to have a go but it’s still a fun little diversion for a full minutes. Shame you can’t get you face scanned and then an actual mask made up for a fee.

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Mission Impossible 3D Mask Maker

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