MoneySupermarket Secret Santa Challenge for Bloggers – The Results

image_thumb[10]_thumb[2]So as you may remember Geek Syndcate was asked to take part in the Money Supermarket Secret Santa Challenge. The idea was to be paired up with a fellow blogger and with a budget of £25 pick up a Secret Santa gift to end of all Secret Santa gifts. I can now reveal what I bought and what gift I received in return.

I was paired with Daniel over at intogeek and after discovering from his about page that he was a Doctor Who fan the hunt was on to find a suitable timelord related gift. In the end I went for  a T-shirt that featured all eleven of the Doctors with a very british backdrop.


Daniel quite rightly had me pegged as a Star Wars fan and picked up this rather spiffy Darth Vader Alarm Clock for me which has pride of place in my office. Of course I’ve yet to try the snooze button on the clock as you don’t really say to the Lord of the Sith ‘I reckon I’m going sleep in for another ten minutes mate’ there is also the ever present worry  of being force choked in my sleep.


Big thanks to Daniel for my gift and a bigger thanks to the team at MoneySupermarket for putting the challenge together. It was a great idea and a great way to put another geek related blog onto my radar.

Reporter: Nuge

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