New Online Webcomic from Jennie Gyllblad: Skal

Jennie Gyllblad is one of the most breathtaking and diverse artists we know, so we’re delighted to tell you guys a bit more about her online fantasy comic Skal.

Read it here… go on, hurry up and look! It is going to get more NSFW as the story progresses, so use caution and enjoy.

Set in a fantastical Arabian land, with an array of colourful characters doing dastardly deeds, Skal follows the journey of a divine soothsayer who is hunted down because her visions pose a threat.

‘The Monastery feared Mushirah. They feared her so much that they threw her in a prison cell, stitched her mouth shut and set her execution date.
Bundled into a caravan by an unknown ally, we follow her journey to the big city that could become her sanctuary, chased by Monastic mercenaries who will stop at nothing to carry out her death sentence.’

We cannot stress enough just how stunning the artwork is on this comic. Jennie has a really beautiful artistic style, her use of watercolour gives everything a really dream-like quality. Every panel is a delight, full of intense detail and sumptuous imagery. Have a look at some of these pages below!






Skal promises nudity, sex, blood and violence (yippeeee!). You can get a taste of her work and other projects at the official Jennie Gyllbald website.

The 12 page prologue is up now and she has started on chapter 1. It is available for free, but f you want to help support Skal you can donate here at Patreon and get extra goodies from as little as a dollar a page (about 59p). These include exclusive sketches (some nudies, or ‘boobie sketches’) and the chance to receive prints and discounts on print copies of the comic.

Jennie wants to upload one or two pages a month, so for a little over a quid you can support a really unique comic and let her continue to tell this incredible story. We’re off to sign up right now! Let us know what you think of Skal in the comments box below.

Reporter: Sara Westrop

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