Official BBC Sherlock Scarf – Perfect for the Sherlockian in Your Life!

Official BBC Blue Sherlock Scarf

Official BBC Blue Sherlock Scarf

The official BBC  Sherlock scarf is now available just in time for Christmas!

Familiar to fans of the BBC Sherlock everywhere, the blue striped scarf is often looped in a half knot around the neck of the Great Detective.

Sarah Arthur and the costume design team on Sherlock have consistently added layers to characters via subtle wardrobe cues.  Sherlock has his signature scarf, coat, pointed shoes, and sometimes the infamous (and contentiously possibly not-canon) Deerstalker hat. The fans were even treated to an in-joke when Molly’s new boyfriend – who was almost a Sherlock clone – was seen to be sporting not only a similar scarf to Sherlock, but tied in the same familiar half-loop style.

Now Cosplayers and those who simply have chilly necks, can have their very own official Sherlock scarf.  Scottish company Lovarzi secured the licence to recreate the official scarf design which is made from a 64%/36%  Cotton and Modal blend and includes a discrete 221B icon. Priced at £36.99 it should make the perfect gift for any BBC sherlock fans you want to surprise – or  as the fandom festive treat to yourself.

 Inspired by the scarf worn by Sherlock in The Reichenbach Fall and The Empty Hearse, our exclusively-designed scarf comes in a black gift box, and is finished off with another snippet of London iconography: 221B.

If you plan to order direct from Lovarzi direct then you’ve only got a week before it’s too late to give the scarf as a Crhsitmas present. Direct sales last order dates for Christmas delivery are: UK (Express) 22nd December. UK (Standard) 19th December. International Mail, 11th December.   The scarf is also availble from

Official BBC Sherlock Scarf 221B detail

Official BBC Sherlock Scarf 221B detail

If Doctor Who knitted merchandise is more your thing, then Lovarzi also have a range of official and unofficial scarves and pullovers. The Official 4th Doctor 18f foot scarf is sure to keep any Whovian warm this winter as is the 7th Doctor official question mark covered pullover sweater.

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