Playing Magic: The Gathering Can It Aid Skill Development?

When sitting down for a game of Magic, some people view it as an opportunity to socialise, strategise, and test the various parts of their brain that might otherwise not get a workout. It’s a valuable experience, but some would argue that it doesn’t develop your brain at all. Okay, sure, but first, let me prove you wrong.

1) Transferable Skills.

If you’re looking for a game to play that will not only make you better at thinking ahead of opponents but also give you a lot of skills you can then apply to other games and things you may find yourself doing in life, then Magic: The Gathering is definitely a game you want to start playing. You’ll soon find that your ability to think ahead, plan, and even psych out your opponent begins to improve your ability to work, to play around on and to give sports and videogames a far easier line of approach for you.

2) Competition Experience.

Nervous about performing in public? Well, Magic: The Gathering fans are happy to lay the smackdown at major events, and some of them even travel across the globe to play against each other. This is not only a rgeat way to improve your skills, but also a good way to see different locations and meet people from around the world who share your passion for the game. Improves social skills and the ability to perform under pressure. Win-win!

3) Confidence Boosting.

Some people lack confidence, and despite what you may think (especially if you’re very confident yourself), that can be a really debilitating state of mind to be in, where you’re not really courageous enough to try anything. But Magic: The Gathering enables you to take up a skill in which your intelligence and quiet patience is often rewarded. It allows you to demonstrate skill and impress others without feeling tension or pressure if you’d rather play it online from behind a screen. Every little helps.

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