Police Testing Phasers…well kind of

With the world caught in the grip of a economic meltdown an increase in crime  is expected. Well all you would be Lex Luthors would be wise to take a look at the picture before before buying that Volcano hideout.


The guys over at DVICE have just posted this image of a new non-lethal weapon being tested by the police.

It’s called  the PHaSR or “Personnel Halting and Stimulation Response” rifle (you just know they made up those words so they could use PHaSR). This weapon, which would look right at home in a Halo  movie, works by  dazzling you with laser light. If that’s not enough it burns you  with an infrared laser. 

All I want to know is will I be able to get one of those bad boys for Christmas 09!

Reporter: Nuge

Source: DIVCE

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