Some Top Tips on How to be a Better Super Villain

Maybe it’s too early to look forward to 2013 but if you’re already thinking about your new year resolutions and one of them is to take over the world (I can’t be the only one) then you made need some help to get you started. Right here are the all new GS trainee super villain academy we are here to help.

As every good geek knows if you’ve got a best friend then chances are one of you is going to turn evil eventually. If you’re bald, like me, or have a beard then the likelihood is you’re the bad ‘un of the bunch. Have no fear though as this little inforgraphic from the guys at  Jacamo has some cracking starter tips to get you on the road to supervilliandom (yes that’s a new word…I’m evil so I can do what I like).

Reporter: Nuge
Source: Jacamo

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