Sony Officially Announces Playstation 4

PS4 LogoIts its highly anticipated Playstation event yesterday, Sony officially announced the Playstation 4 (PS4) but did not actually reveal the new console. What we did get was some specs, a reveal of the new Dualshock 4 controller and camera tracking system (PS4 Eye) and various announcements of new games for the console.

Although an actual design was not revealed, we did get some of the new consoles specs and as many suspected, the new PS4 is a very powerful system which runs on a more tradition x86 architecture which should mean far easy development for studios and comparability with the Xbox.

Cloud Gaming

Following Sony’s purchase of game streaming company Gaikai last year, we now know how that investment will benefit the PS4. Gaikai CEO Dave Perry revealed how the company’s cloud streaming technology will integrate with PS4 allow for example demo’s to be streamed and also when downloading games players can start to play them before the download is completed. What was exciting is that in the long term Sony plans to use the service to make PS1, Ps2 and PS3 games available on the PS4. Although great news, what that did confirm is that current PS3 game disks wont be playable on PS4.

Live Streaming & Remote Play

Another feature that will be available due to Gaikai’s technology is that through the new share button on the controller, gamers will be able to live stream their gaming sessions online for others to watch. One rather stunning sounding feature is that players will also be able to pass control of the game over to remote friends who can takeover playing the game from their location. This is ideal for those occasions you just can’t beat that boss or score past Barcelona in the Champions League final on FIFA.

In a move idetical to Nintendo Wii, the PS Vita will be able to be used for remote playing of games when a TV is not available. Gamers playing on the PS4 on a standard TV will be able transfer the game onto a Vita and continue playing on the couch or while lying in bed.

Dualshock 4

A new DualShock 4 controller revealed. The new controller features touch pad similar to the touchpad on the back of the Vita, a Light Bar that interacts with a stereo camera for tracking, a share button that allows gamers to record game footage and upload the video and finally headphone jack. Move technology is also built into the DualShock 4 in functionality with the PS4 Eye

Sony have confirmed that the current PS3 Dualshock 3 controllers will not work on a PS4 but for those with Move you’ll be happy to know that the Move controller will be compatible with PS4.

Dualshock 4

PlayStation 4

The PlayStation 4 Eye is a stereo camera developed in tandem with the DualShock 4. It interacts with the controller via a light bar on the pad and can sense the depth of the environment and track the position of the controller.

PS4 Cemera Sensor

When all was said and done and the final Sony executive left the stage then up popped this on the screen confirming that the PS4 will be released this year. The actual territories of release were not confirmed but insiders believe it will be released in Japan and North America this year and in Europe in Q1 2014.


Used Games

Following lot of rumours on preowned games blocking technology Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida confirmed that preowned games will be playable on the PS4 and the console does not have any technology to block this.

PS4 App

The PS4 will enable developers to implement second screen gameplay across a range of mobile and tablet devices. The new application called PlayStation App will enable iPhone, iPad and Android based smartphones and tablets to become second screens. An example given was that users would be able to see maps of their games on a second screen.

Users will also be able to purchase games from their smartphones and tablets while away from the living room, and download it directly to the main PS4. The PlayStation app will also enable users to watch other gamers playing PS4 titles through their smartphones and tablets similar to OnLive.

PS4 App

PS4 Specs

Main Processor

  • Single-chip custom processor
  • CPU : x86-64 AMD “Jaguar”, 8 cores
  • GPU : 1.84 TFLOPS, AMD next-generation Radeon based graphics engine


  • GDDR5 8GB

Hard Disk Drive

  • Built-in (size T.B.C)

Optical Drive (read only)

  • BD 6xCAV
  • DVD 8xCAV


  • Super-Speed USB (USB 3.0), AUX


  • Ethernet (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T)
  • IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
  • Bluetooth 2.1 (EDR)

AV output

  • HDMI
  • Analog-AV out
  • Digital Output (optical)

* Sony noted that the specifications are subject to change as the console systems is yet to be finalised.

Source: CVG, IGN, Gamespot

Reporter: Soulfinger

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