Super Geeky 8-Bit Artwork

Star Wars 8-bitWhat do you get when you cross retro gaming with some of  coolest characters of the geek world? The answer: Fantastic 8-Bit Artwork!

As you might know I am constantly on the lookout for ways to make my home feel like a true Geek-Chic dwelling, I think that’s somewhere between 40 Year Old Virgin’s appartment and something you might see in a fancy home decorating magazine, and now I have some prints to add to my list.

These 8-bit prints are done by Sound of Design and can be bought here. There is a huge selection of designs including a cool Batman character sheet, shown below, and some key scenes from the Star Wars films.  I hope that this company goes on the create more designs as I would love some more superhero prints available.
8-Bit Batman

Source: Geek Tyrant
Reporter: Amy

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