The Geek Syndicate iPhone app is available now from the App Store!

So for the bargain price of £1.19 you can buy the Geek Syndicate Network App. At the moment this is still new to us but the plan is to offer content (episode out-takes,reviews,wallpaper,audio interviews,video, competition and more) on the GSN app not found on the website or iTunes.

This is the most convenient and reliable way to access Geek Syndicate Podcast on your iPhone or iPod Touch. You’re always connected to the latest episode. Instant access, just touch and play!

This app contains the following features:

* Streaming access to play episode from anywhere
* Always updated with the latest episodes- and an archived back catalog
* Download the episodes and play them when offline
* Playback resume (when interrupted by a call or other distraction)
* Favorites (mark the episodes you want to return back to over and over)
* Quick access to all the contact methods for the show (we hope to have our skype number back up and running soon)

(Please note, not all features are available for all episodes. Call-in feature is only available on iPhone but not iPod Touch)

As always any profit we make will go back into the podcast network and this website.

So if you have an iPhone, iPad or itouch then check it out.

You can pick it up from the apple store here

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One comment

  1. Jon Winterburn /

    Nice looking app with good features. Just got it from the app store as I always mean to listen to missed podcasts but just never get round to them all on the PC as life gets in the way! Will give it a proper try out on Monday.

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