The Shield is Down: Begin Your Reading with AT-AT Bookends

There seems to end of Star Wars merchandising these days so it can take something special to stand out. This however, from Gentle Giant Ltd, is pretty special. Yep, that’s a pretty big set of bookends. All it is really missing is tiny fleeing Rebel Scum!

From the official site:

First seen on screen at the Battle of Hoth, the feared AT-AT is the primary assault vehicle of the Galactic Empire for large-scale ground warfare.  Tasked with destroying the Rebel’s shield generator, the Imperial AT-AT Walkers completed their objective with ruthless efficiency, laying waste to many Rebel soldiers, vehicles, and installations in the process.

Bring home the terrifying metal behemoths of The Empire Strikes Back! Cast in high quality polystone and then hand painted, each bookend is numbered and comes complete with a matching limited edition certificate of authenticity. Whether they’re holding up an assortment of media or on display proudly by themselves, these collectible bookends are sure to add enjoyment to any home or office.

The price? Well at $225 it’s definitely one for the Christmas list, delivery due Q2 2013.

Source: Gentle Giant Ltd
Reporter: Matt Farr

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