Voices of the Syndicate: What is Your Holy Grail Geek Item? (Pt 1)

So for this week’s question the members of the GS team  came up with What is that Holy Grail Geek item or items real or imagined that you have always wanted?

To give these responses their proper moment to shine we have decided to reveal them one GS member at a time. So we will start off with GS Editor in Chief Barry Nugent aka Nuge.


Once again Nuge what was briefly yours is now mine

Nuge – First up would have to be the limited edition Premium Format Indiana Jones Statue from Sideshow collectibles which I have lusted over for years.  There were originally only 300o made and now they are rare, crazy expensive  and, like the lost Ark,  dammed hard to get hold of. As one of the world’s biggest Indy fans my geek room would not be complete with out this statue.

This could be me  :(

This could be me 🙁

Although I have only cos-played twice in my life (apparently dressing in a hoodie, jeans and trainers and saying your Axel Foley doesn’t count) if was to do it again it would with an authentic Rockeeter outfit. I have no idea where I would even go about getting the helmet ,rocket pack etc  but if I could get the full gear  I would be cos-playing at a convention before you could say Nazi Spy ring.


None of that CGI nonesense

For my last Holy Grail item I would love to have the original Yoda puppet used in Empire Strikes Back. Of course we all not that is impossible because Yoda ins’t a puppet…YODA IS REAL!!!

Join tomorrow for more Holy Grail Geek items…and let us know yours in the comments below.

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