Voices of the Syndicate: What is Your Holy Grail Geek Item? (Pt 2)

So for this week’s question the members of the GS team  came up with What is that Holy Grail Geek item or items real or imagined that you have always wanted?

To give these responses their proper moment to shine we have decided to reveal them one GS member at a time. Next up we have Wedgedoc.



1) I’ll go ridiculous with this one. If I had the cash, I’d design my own house which would probably be a bit of a Wayne Manor. It would have an underground level with parking garage and “secret lair”, accessed by a fireman’s pole and a lift. It would also have a tower. You know, for lookout stuff. It would also have, positioned very incongruously in the grounds, a TARDIS shed. This may even have a tunnel under it to access the lair.
2) One of my favourite Fantasy Authors is RA Salvatore, who wrote / writes (as well as his own world) Forgotten Realms novels. His main character is a Dark Elf hero named Drizzt Do’Urden and if I was to start a sword collection, the scimitars Icingdeath and Twinkle would be first in my collection. The commercially available ones  don’t actually make sense as they look like a pair and he gets them on separate adventures, but they look pretty cool!
It’s tricky deciding on a third …  I’d love to get hold of some missing Troughton Doctor Who’s … gah. I’ve got an understanding-geeky wife, so that one’s gone from the possibilities too…
3) Since no one has mentioned it yet, I think for my third choice, I’ll go for this: http://www.firebox.com/product/2922/Replica-Batmobile if only to turn up to conventions in.

Join us tomorrow for more Holy Grail Geek items…and let us know yours in the comments below.

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