Wookiee Wednesday!

chewbacca_slippersCS74131lg__04884.1351924919.1280.1280Sometimes life can be a bit dull, sometimes you need a little something to put a smile on your face and sometimes you just need cheering up as you realise there’s still two days until the weekend.  Forget hump day, the middle day of the week shall now be known as WOOKIEE WEDNESDAY!

The most enduring best friend in film history has spawned this day.  Our very own ‘walking carpet’, Chewbacca has proven to be one of the most popular characters from the Star Wars franchise.  While most people are split over whether they prefer Luke or Han, Chewie has always been a firm fan favourite.

So to make you smile every Wednesday we will be posting the best the internet has to offer about our wonderful Wookiee pal.

This week, since the sunshine has disappeared here are some wookiee slippers to keep you warm (please note if anyone wants to buy me these for Christmas I would be eternally grateful)


Reporter: Geek Adventure

Source: bunnyslippers 

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