Zombie Proof Your House Before it’s Too Late

Protect your ass from being eating off by the Zombie Horde with this handy Zombie proof house schematic.

Now we all know that the much touted Zombie Apocalypse  isn’t a matter of when but if and that time comes each of us must ask the questions am I prepared? Is my house prepared? If the answer to either question is no then this fun little chart put together to the guys at Moneysupermarket.com may have the answer. The chart which lays out some interesting ideas for dealing the Zombie horde when it comes knocking. Not sure where I’m going to get a jet pack from but I like the initiative  and unless there’s an underground tunnel to get to it I’m not sure that the best place to keep all my weapons is in a shed next to the house but other than that there are some useful top tips for surviving that upcoming zombie attack.

So don’t delay Zombie proof your house today!

Reporter: Nuge


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