Countdown to Thought Bubble 2013 Part 5 – Briar,SelfMadeHero,Commissions,Signings and Launches

thoughtbubblelogo2013One week to go people! Well one week for me anyway and the start of my adventures in Leeds at the Thought Bubble Festival..are you ready???

Remember TB 2013 fans that you see the guests here, a list of the debuting books here and all the panels you can shake a sweaty stick at here.

Launch of the Day – Briar Preview

At the moment Improper books can’t do any wrong in my eyes. I have reviewed Butterfly Gate, which will be available at Thought Bubble, on the GS podcast and hopefully that episode will be out  before TB so you can hear Dave and I gush over just how good this comic is.

Now I initially reviewed Butterfly Gate in a digital format but I was pleased to find a printed copy of the graphic novel waiting for me when I got home one evening this week. I had already given it full marks on the podcast but if I could double those marks I would. I mean it looked great in digital but it was NOTHING to how good the art looks on the printed page. If our review doesn’t sway you then I urge you to go by the Improper books table and take a look for yourself.

Now if it was not enough that Improper Books are bringing two titles with them to Thought Bubble I received an email this morning announcing a new comic coming from some of the Butterfly Gate team called BRIAR.

In a move that has worked very well with their previous titles Improper Books will be offering a free color preview of the first part of Briar at the convention. Well I know what my first stop will be.


Written by Benjamin Read and illustrated by Chris Wildgoose, with colours by Jordan Boyd and lettering by Jim Campbell, BRIAR follows the story of the cursed Princess Layka, and Kaye, The Knight of Thorns, who searches for a way to break the curse and set her free.

Cursed by the shadow-sorcerer, Celik, Layka is trapped behind an impassable wall of enchanted briar, and seeks an end to the magic that keeps her shut off from the world. Trapped for years behind the living wall of the briar, she awaits her one true knight, Kaye, who has been tasked with the quest to break the curse and set her free.

Inspired by European myth and folklore, Briar is an episodic series of nested stories woven into the fabric of Layka and Kaye’s ceaseless quest.

‘Briar is Improper doing what we do best, dark fairy tales,’ said Chris Wildgoose. ‘I don’t think Ben or I could be any more at home than with knights, magic, and monsters, and we’ve really raised the bar for ourselves with this.’

About his illustration for Briar, Chris said, ‘We also wanted to push the boat out art-wise, so we’ve gone incredibly detailed with all the interior artwork. Storytelling is paramount, but I’ve tried to go as intricate with the art as Ben’s tale. I’m also so excited to have Jordan Boyd on colours with us. He gets what we’re aiming for and brings a whole other life to my inks.’

‘Briar is one of the books I’ve always wanted to write,’ said Benjamin Read. ‘Set against a background of eastern European folklore, it’s a Russian doll of nested stories, wearing a coat of fairy tales but subverting every trope within them.’

A limited UK indie edition of Briar is scheduled for release in 2014.


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SelfMadeHero at Thought Bubble

I’m a big Sherlock Holmes fans so I will always be eternally grateful  to SelfMadeHero for publishing the excellent graphic novel adaptations of some of Holmes and Watson’s greatest adventures. I would also recommend folks check out the adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s ‘Mountains of Madness’ and the sublime comic treatment of the Arthurian legend in Le Morte D’Arthur.

Check out the press release below to find out what they will be up to at Thought Bubble this year.

SelfMadeHero, the UK’s leading independent graphic novel publisher, is preparing to burst into this year’s Thought Bubble, Leeds’ Comic Art Festival, with a whole army of creators and new graphic novels for the centrepiece convention weekend on 23rd and 24th November.  It will also see the official launch of the new sci-fi epic from Frederik Peeters, Aama Vol1 : The Smell of Warm Dust.

The SelfMadeHero graphic novelists who are taking part include:

Kate Brown, award-winning creator of Fish + Chocolate, a collection of three interlinked stories about motherhood.

INJ Culbard, best known for his definitive adaptations of H.P. Lovecraft’s classic horror tales, including At The Mountains of Madness and The Shadow Out of Time.

Rob Davis, author of the acclaimed graphic novel adaptation of Don Quixote and co-editor of the British Comic Award-winning anthology, Nelson.

Glyn Dillon, author and illustrator of the internationally acclaimed The Nao of Brown. He is amongst the nominees for the British Comic Awards.

ILYA, creator of the newly published life-affirming anti-romance, Room For Love, about the relationship between a middle-aged novelist and a teenage runaway.

Frederick Peeters, who will be officially launching his new sci-fi adventure, Aama. His other works for SelfMadeHero include Pachyderme and Sandcastle.

Mark Stafford, artist on the lively adaption of Victor Hugo’s satire, The Man Who Laughs, which is nominated in the ‘Best Book’ category at the British Comic Awards.

Oscar Zarate, writer and artist, who has just released his latest book, The Park, which tells of the dramatic consequences of one random incident on Hampstead Heath.

All these authors will be signing copies of their books throughout the weekend.

Paul Gravett will host a panel discussion featuring ILYA, Oscar Zarate and Frederik Peeters, focussing on the working processes of these three graphic novelists (Saturday 23rd Nov, 15:45).

Commissions, Signings and  Launches

  • Today is the last day to get commission for TB from Adam Cadwell, founder of the British Comic Awards. An A4 B&W drawing like the shadow one below will set you back is £20



  • simongurr‘s Darwin will be launching at TB and be On sale at Thought Bubble: Royal Armouries, Table 9



Chris Lewis will be launching the Drones TPB at the show as well as selling some A3 prints. This is Chris’s first time at the show so he’s in for a treat! You can find him in the New Dock at table 46

DRONES TPB  frontcover

If you’re up to something at Thought Bubble 2013 then drop me a line  at [email protected] and let me know.

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Source: Thought Bubble Festival

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