Czech Republic wins EuroCosplay at MCM Comic Con October 2016

Czech Republic wins EuroCosplay at MCM Comic Con October 2016

October MCM plays host to the EuroCosplay championship finals, bringing together the best of the best of Cosplayers from all across Europe after they competed in and won cosplay competitions in their home countries.

This year the Eurocosplay championship even saw a new country joining the competition with Cyprus sending their very first cosplay champion to the finals.

With Brexit still very fresh in all our minds there have been questions raised as to if the UK will not only get to keep hosting the finals but whether or not we will be able to keep entering our cosplayers once we leave the EU.

We’ll leave those thoughts behind for now, as the top three cosplayers in Europe have now been announced!


Third place was taken by Ales Reiss from Russia as Bloodmoon Kalista from League of Legends:


EuroCosplay 2016

Second place went to Gouky from Germany who gave a great musical performance as Count von Krolock from Dance of the Vampires:

EuroCosplay 2016


And a very deserving first place got taken by the greatly impressive Germia from Czech Republic as Pharah (Anubis skin)  from the hugely popular Overwatch:

EuroCosplay 2016


Below are some photos of the other talented cosplay finalists from the EuroCosplay championship. Geek Syndicate wants to congratulate Germia and all the other amazing cosplayers from this year’s MCM Comic Con’s EuroCosplay finals.

albus yona wyrn witch ana EuroCosplay 2016
argo belle cat curella diablo issac jacob knight lannister mary maria lion link lave pumpkinpie saruan sauron sunstrider tonto

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