Doctor Who: The Long Way Round: Introduction

Doctor Who has an enormous canon that spans across audio, books and television; not to mention comics, games and other media. I love it all but I have been wondering, how does it all fit together?

I decided to conduct an experiment by combining these mediums into a single narrative, regardless of the context in which it was written. What does this say about the series and how does the story progress?

I will be reviewing most of the material published between 1963 and 2017, including the spin-off media, and using the chronology of the show itself rather than published date. For example; the TV series opens with an Unearthly Child but, as it is chronologically preceded by two novellas and an audio drama, I’ll be considering it as the fourth serial.

Whilst I have read\viewed\listened to most of these previously I will be treating these as if I have not done so before. In doing so I hope to get a new perspective on the show and see how the different influences from these eras change the way we might see the story and characters.

For the sake of time there are a few limiting rules to put in place:

  • Short stories (which includes comics) won’t be used for this experiment. However, if they are important for canonical explanations, such as Grant Markham’s departure, their existence will be referenced

  • Only actual stories containing the Doctor or named Doctor Who will be included

  • I debated for a long while about including companion chronicles but too many of them are difficult to place because of the regular use of flashbacks

  • Novels will be split into episodes (approximately 2-3 pages per minute) in a way that makes narrative sense and reviewed in that manner

  • This will only consider eligible works published between 1963 and the end of 2017

  • Finally, I will be creating (sometimes arbitrary) season reviews to sum up how that era of the show has worked and what the overriding thematic trends are

Hope you come back to read these each week and enjoy this journey as much as I do.

GS Blogger: Kris Vyas-Myall

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