Final Days of Kickstarter: Bayani and The Nine Daughters of The Moon

With all the thousands of Kickstarters out there it’s easy to find a campaign you love but then forget all about it. If that is you gentle geek then have no fear because here at Geek Syndicate we have the solution.

The purpose of our Final Days of Kickstarter column is to feature those projects that are  near the end of their campaigns. This means that any of you lot that are  flush with a little extra cash can jump onboard at the last minute.

Bayani and The Nine Daughters of The Moon

One area of geekdom that I think we can always do with more of is all ages titles. When all us old fogey geeks have shuffled off to the great con in the sky (or the slightly warmer place) it will fall on the kids of today to shepherd geekdom through the decades to come.

This bring me neatly around to talking about the adventures of 11 year old Baynai and his quest to rescue the moon’s daughter in the latest Kickstarter project.


Bayani, a boy of 11, is desperately trying to care for his sick father (a fisherman) and keep food on the table for his small family. Unfortunately, the sun has been shining down on the islands for the last month and night refuses to fall. The land is growing parched from the constant heat and the fish are moving further and further away from shore. During this disaster, the rain god, Pati’, recruits Bayani to undertake a quest rescuing the nine kidnapped daughters of Lady Moon from the horrible monsters of lore. Bayani embarks on a great adventure with his friend, Tala, and using their wits, the kids defeat one hideous creature after another in their quest to rescue each of the Moon’s daughters.

I do love a good quest and this sounds like a doozy. I’ve never read anything by Travis McIntire, who is the writer and driving force behind the Kickstarter but I am a huge fan of Grant Perkins who is providing the art for the project. This means that, if nothing else the, comic will be very easy on the eyes.

The Themes explored in Harry Potter, The Neverending Story, The Odyssey, and Alice In Wonderland are all shipwrecked on the timeless isle of Laguna in the Phillipines where all the folklore and myths of the aboriginal people are real. Bayani is a kid-friendly book focused on folklore stories and the messages and lessons they are trying to teach, while still being a “pokemon”-like monster-hunter story that will appeal to all ages.

It’s nice to see that while providing a fun title for kids to read the idea behind the comic is for it to work on multiple levels, to give everyone something a little deeper as well.


How long do I have?

The project currently has days to go.

Where is the project currently at?

As of today the campaign has raised $3,329 out of a $5000 goal.

This book is designed a bit like an Indiana Jones movie. It’s an adventure through myth and legend. And, like an Indiana Jones flick, the titles change with each issue. The first issue is entitled “Bayani and The Old Ghosts” after the Multo, the ghosts of past Babaylons (shaman) that Bayani meets who help guide his way. The second issue is “Bayani and The Witch of the Mountain,” after the Lalahan, a monstrous volcano goddess holding the first Moon daughter hostage. The naming convention goes on from there for each individual issue.

Well it’s fairly safe to say that they had me at ‘a bit like an Indiana Jones movie’.


What’s in it for me?

A physical copy of Issue #1, Bayani and The Old Ghosts with a kickstarter exclusive cover by Richard Bonk and Mark McKenna! This version will ONLY be available through this Kickstarter!

This is an important perk to note if you want something physical to hold for your cash.

ORIGINAL ART! A full-color digital commission from series artist Grant Perkins! One character of your choice (ANY character) expertly rendered for you! This tier includes a digital copy (.pdf) of Issue #1.


As I said earlier I’m a big fan of Grant’s art and his table at conventions is always filled with a load of lush commissions (check out this Doctor Who stuff at the next con you see him at).  So the idea of getting him to do a character of your choosing is an appealing one. Better hurry on this one though as they are nearly all gone.

There are also a load of perks on offer centred around various artists doing original scenes from the comic.

Where can I find out more?

Kick starter Project:

If there is anyone out there who is in the last ten days of their project then drop us a line ([email protected]) and tell us about it. If we like the sound of it then it mind find its way onto a future  Last days of Kickstarter post. 

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