FRIDAY FEATURE Models From the Movies and TV Shows

We take a look at the model kits of famous cars, planes, boats and even spaceships from your favourite films and TV shows and create a Geek wish list.

At a recent Toy Fair myself and Silver Fox checked out many stands but during the walkabout I was drawn to some of the model stands. I was surprised and pleased by the quality of the models on offer and how many were from films or shows. It got my mind racing with the thought of building some of these models so I could make scenes from my fave movies. How about the General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard or Eleanor from Gone in Sixty Seconds or the famous red Ferrari from Ferris Bueller or even the Tumbler from Batman? Cars not your thing then what about Captain Scarlet’s Angel Interceptor, Tom Cruise’ F14 from Top Gun, a Viper from Battlestar Galactica or the Millennium Falcon herself.


Top Gun’s F14 as flown by Maverick (Tom Cruise)

As we look into the models from the movies and TV shows we find there really are four  companies that are offering these kind of model kits. We have Revell, who are well known for their models and now for their awesome looking remote control machines, Airfix who have good models but not many in the Geek arena, Polar Lights (Round 2) and  the not so well known and hard to get hold of Moebius Models. So want to know what type of models they sell? We have chosen some of the best to look at in case you wanted recreate some of your favourite vehicles from your top TV shows and movies.

First up are the cars and let’s start with Transformers. The first live action Transformers movie showed us three versions of Bumblebee. Number one was the easter egg for fans of the cartoon with the VW bug and then we got the 1977 Chevrolet Camaro until the Autobot decided to get a little more modern with the 2010 Camaro SS. Revell actual have all three models with the two movie versions in the movie yellow but for me if I was going for one on the shelf it would be the 2010 model because it really has become iconic. This is a cool kit to build and the car looks great

Another cool looking car is the 68 Dodge Charger which was used by Dom in the first Fast and Furious movie and is also well known as the General Lee in The Dukes of Hazzard. If I built this I would be hard pushed to decide what colours I would use. Hazzard or Furious? Way too tough to call until I had made the model and held it my hands but no matter what that thing is pure American muscle! However the answer is easy as Revell’s model of this car would work for the Fast and Furious car and MPC sells the actual General Lee.

Talking of movies with fast cars how about Gone in Sixty Seconds with Nicolas Cage. Yes it was not a great film but it had great cars and one of them was the prize jewel Eleanor. Revell have released the Shelby Mustang GT 350 H which is a close match for the famous car. This model looks absolutely gorgeous and the design of the car is a real car fans dream. This is one of those models that gets made and placed in a glass display cabinet I mean look what Nicholas Cage did to his.

“Does it come in black” was the famous line that Bruce Wayne uttered when he saw the Tumbler for the first time and we were all sat there smiling and thinking that would be awesome to drive. The next best thing is make it and have a play. Moebius Models have a 1/25? scale model which looks pretty sturdy and is a good size. Bat fans go forth and rise.

Now have you ever wondered which is better the original Italian Job or the remake. Yes I know the original every time but that does not stop you from recreating a scene from both films with the Mini Cooper Set that has models from both eras. Both Airfix and Revell have these models but Revell wins this round because they have the twin set of old and new Mini’s. Once built you can choose what colour is which. But I guess then, that you need one more model to finish “The Italian Job” he he.

Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters is the answer and the Polar Lights ECTO-1 model is one of those iconic cars that just will look great in any collection. The model has great attention to detail and is a decent size at a 1/25 scale. For ages 10 and up it can appeal to any age. Put the soundtrack on and build I say.

Last but not least we take a look at the classiest model in the bunch and also the closest thing you will get to being Ferris Bueller with the 250 GTO in cool Ferrari red colours. Be careful when you recreate the flying scene as you want to get it back in one piece. This model just looks beautiful and should be considered a work of art. Not one for the children!

Our next stop is the land of air and sea. One of the best movies with planes in has to be Top Gun so get building that F-14 D Tomcat from Revell and you could recreate some of those famous dialogues. There are two models to choose from and either will do. So do you feel the need? The need for speed!!

Want something more high-tech then try one of the Angel Interceptors from Captain Scarlet. This is pure nostalgia and looks like a fun model to make. A small size and a easy build so will easily fit on your shelf.

If you fancy a bit of nostalgia then how about the Battle of Britain or the Dambusters. Two movies that really formed part of my childhood and you can remember those time watching a war film on BBC on a Sunday afternoon. With the British Legends set you get a Lancaster bomber a Spitfire. All are the same scale and making this set will give you a great sense of accomplishment.

Now how about some modern planes like the Stealth Bomber and Fighter from various films including Broken Arrow and Independence Day. Build both models as there is no excuse to not have both of them side by side. These sets excite me because they are just sleek looking and there is something cool about a spy plane.

Next up would be the time travelling movie The Final Countdown, no not the song, the Martin Sheen film that sends the U.S.S. Nimitz nuclear aircraft carrier back to 1941 Pearl Harbour. This model looks amazing and you know that a aircraft carrier is the king of seas. The size is not too big but rather a very manageable 277 mm in length. This would be definite addition to my collection.

How about a old classic TV series about a German U Boat by the name of Das Boot? Well the German Submarine Type V11 C model has you covered. This is also the same model used in the not really accurate but fun U571 film. Both Revell and Airfix have these models so I would expect it comes down to personal preference which to buy.

Time to head back to the 60’s with the Bat Boat from the Batman TV movie. Yes you know you secretly love it. This model from Polar Lights looks quite funny for some reason and looks a bit flimsy but if you’re a completest then Holy Model Boat Batman this is for you.

The next ship we look at is the Battleship U.S.S. Missouri (based now in Pearl Harbour) which was the real star of both Under Siege and the film based on a board game movie Battleship. This is another amazing looking model that will want you to take your time building. It is a powerful and majestic looking model so treat it with love and care.

The last kit I wanted to bring your attention to is the Sink the Bismark set from Airfix which although is very small scale has 7 ships included in the line-up including Bizmarck, HMS Hood, Prinz Eugen, HMS Ark Royal, HMS Suffolk, and two Tribal Class Destroyers . There are nearly 300 pieces between all seven model ships. This for me is perfect for creating some ship battle dioramas. Don’t take them in the bath though as you may sit on one by mistake.

The last set we want to bring to your attention is the space range. This range has for me some of my favourite items.

For the real NASA fans there is a few to choose from but with the recent success of Gravity why not take a stab at the Space Shuttle Atlantis. As a child who did not want a model of the shuttle and now that it is out of service you want something to keep the memory alive. I cannot wait to try this model because it will be one of those works of arts that will be joy to complete, I mean look at the detail on the model.

For those who want the space more fiction we can look at one of the best reboots ever. Battlestar Galactica was a great show and had some amazing looking ships. Well why not try to build the big ship herself or the old style Vipers. Are you Apollo or Starbuck? I did love the original Galatcica but the reboot version just looks mean like an old battlehorse. The model looks like it captures the exact spirit of the show. The vipers of course are just plain cool but I still prefer the old style over the new ones.

Want bigger? Then how about the granddaddy of space TV shows Star Trek. Not sure to go with the original or the reboot, why not both with models from both eras. Although the original TV design is quite plain it is still an icon and should reserve a space on the shelf or the ceiling. The new reboot model is the hotrod version that is just a guilty pleasure to look at.

The last models are from the biggest space franchise ever.  Now you can build lots of different ships from Star Wars including the Millennium Falcon and an X-Wing Fighter. There are many models you can find but Revell have a lot from their Easykits and the normal range. Yes you can choose from over a dozen models but who would not want the Falcon and an X-Wing on the shelf. Revell deserve the rights to the Star Wars models because looking at these items they have taken great care and also they want younger children to get into the model making hobby.

Now tell me this has not whet your appetite to get some of these and take some ME time and build a sweet model to go on your shelf of pride and joy.

Don’t be afraid to tell us what you would choose and why in the comments below.


Revell model kits are available from and all good toy and model retailers. For details visit, @RevellGermany

Polar Lights and Moebius Models can be bought from

Airfix models are available HERE  

Reporter: Montoya

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