Friday Feature: The Zombie Apocalypse Survival Conundrum Part 1

In this series of articles I hope to examine how we might be informed, prepare and not only survive but also thrive in a world in which the focus of our priorities for life has shifted fundamentally. The aim is to look at this rationally, and from the point of view of the every-day citizen.

In this article we will discuss what type of Zombie event we might face and how we, as normal citizens, might be informed of a potential threat to our safety by the authorities.

We have established that the dead rising is inevitable and imminent, so what form will this “Outbreak” take and how will we learn of it and be informed of its progression and what we are to do?

— Becoming Aware of the Problem —

The way we are informed of any kind of event depends on its severity. If the problem is Zombie 1localised and only involves a few individuals then maybe it will go unnoticed or only get reported on at a regional level. If however the affected area has a high violent crime rate, even then an isolated Zombie attack may go unreported.

For our purposes we need to make some informed assumptions.

We have to establish some ground rules for the threat we are going to face. So I will approach this event as an epidemic outbreak that starts on a relatively low level then spreads and accelerates to the point of near human extinction. I will not be discussing the science of the infection, nor with its origin. However, several manifestations and the action needed to deal with the presented permutations will be discussed.

—So how will it begin?—

My guess is pretty mundanely!

To begin with information will be low key and likely confused with other types of civil occurrences. Look for increased reports in the local and regional media of violent crimes, assaults, domestic attacks and murders as well as reports of missing persons.

There may be reports of isolated biological hazards. These will most probably be quite local, mainly reported in the local paper and radio stations. These stories will not be picked up by the national media unless a sensational angle can be worked. For instance, the recently reported attack in America involving a “Drug Crazed” addict consuming another man’s face that made international news as a “Zombie Style” attack.

scifiweekendernugeandzombieThe next stage will be the circulation of reports of an infectious disease. We can expect the same kind of reports as those we saw recently for Swine Flu and Avian Flu. The media coverage will be stepped up with coverage on radio and televison becoming the primary sources of information.

It is your decision how much of this edited, censored and caressed information you trust. Our media will only present what they are told to and only in a way that that will entertain and increase audiences, don’t be mesmerised by flashy graphics depicting the top ten infected areas (for example!). Make your own mind up and strive to find accurate information that can aid the decisions you make to save yourself and those close to you. Your survival strategy should be based on facts and facts alone.

For example the recent “Occupy” demonstrations were given little British media coverage for fear of adding fuel to the fire. However, near comprehensive cover of the demonstrations and the motives for the movement was given by the news channel Russia 24.

Come the Outbreak, you will need to equip yourself with the facts and make sure they are full and correct as you can possibly get hold of.

As the threat escalates, our Government will become involved. There will be television broadcasts and radio bulletins giving the most general of advice:

“Stay in your homes, ensure you have food and water for a seventy-two hour period, don’t travel unless necessary, avoid calling the emergency services except in the event of a dire emergency”.

Hospitals will become swamped not just by the sick or bitten but by the paranoid and panicking masses. Don’t go to a hospital unless there is no other option – they will not be a safe haven.

Next you will be told by the Government bulletins to:

“Lock your doors and windows. Do not answer the door to anyone except the authorities. Keep power use and communications to a minimum or the mobile networks will be given over to emergency use only. International travel will be stopped and borders closed”.

There may be a state of Marshal Law declared. In this case, there will be curfews and travel restrictions imposed by law. There will be an increased military presence in most towns and regular patrols to maintain order.


During this period there will be increased civil panic and unrest; looting and assaults on home owners that are more prepared or have assets that are perceived to be more desirable as the situation becomes more desperate. The authorities will respond but their grip on order will begin to slip as the attacks increase and disorder increases until the rule of law no longer applies and our protectionist government can no longer project the illusion of control. They will then declare a state of National Disaster. We will then be on our own, my friends!

Our Government and the authorities will be no better prepared and equally ill-equipped to deal with a Zombie attack as we will be as individuals (unless you live in Bristol, England – see the end of this article). The information and advice we receive will be woefully lacking in useful content and confusing at best. Expect to be bombarded with talking heads that are fuelled by ego, research funding offers and the potential to publish a book. The information they offer will be patchy and the thinking will not have had the time to be extended to valid conclusion.

The very idea of a Zombie infestation is, by definition, almost impossible to control and resolve by its sheer scale and the few variables that make the Zombie both vulnerable yet imposing as an opponent. There are still bunkers left over from the much anticipated nuclear attacks of the nineteen-seventies and nineteen-eighties so some of our leaders will be safe. When and if they re-emerge, they should be able to see the benefit of the sage advice offered during the primary stages of the event but what will remain for them to lead?

In the next article we will discuss what we can each do to prepare for what might happen. You won’t need a bunker in the garden but by being aware of your needs you could increase your chances of survival and that of those you care most about.

If you doubt any of what you have just read please read the “Bristol City Council Zombie Attack Plan”. It is real!

Originally featured in the GS Magazine.

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Source: Originally featured in the GS Magazine.
Reporter: Yan Williamson

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