GS at 10 Years: What GS Means To Me – Casey

Shouting out in a darkened room isn’t the best way to communicate with people or get your message across, but slide an internet connected device in there, and maybe a few nibbles too, and you have the makings of a way to interact with people that you’ve never physically met. For some people, this lasts about as long as it takes to meet their first internet troll. For others, they persevere and keep looking for those who might be on the same wavelength as themselves, or, at the very least, for people who aren’t arseholes. I’m happy to say that the good ship (yes I’m going nautical now, brace yourselves) Geek Syndicate is a ship very much on my wavelength: it’s crewed by a great variety of geeky peeps and there isn’t an arsehole amongst them.

I started writing for Geek Syndicate before I decided to become a freelance writer, and while trying to earn money by throwing words at the world is pretty much the hardest thing I’ve ever done, with shitty health problems and other life bollocks not really helping, I’m sure things would have been much worse had I not already been contributing unpaid writing to G.S: building my portfolio, getting access to stuff for review before it has been released, and generally getting to know a bit about working as a part of a similar minded team. Basically, whatever other crap is going on with my writing, or my life in general, having somewhere like G.S to create stuff under less pressure has been invaluable to me and a great way to keep my writing chops well oiled when other avenues have closed off.

The fact that the site has been going for ten years is a testament to how well it has been shaped and run, and I hope that it continues to grow and age with the dignity and humour that already permeate its digital presence for some time to come.

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