GS at 10 Years: What GS Means To Me – Matt

2009 feels like a very long time ago. I mean, yes, it’s seven years, or about 16% of my life to date, it’s when the juggernaut of the Marvel Cinematic Universe was only two films old, and we were all pretty grateful that we were unlikely to see any more Star Wars Movies. I think I’d just about heard of Facebook, and much of my “geek time” time was taken up with a World of Warcraft addiction. But then I met up with an old friend from university at Leeds’ (still going and still wonderful) Thought Bubble Comics Convention and he explained to me that he had discovered something called “podcasting” and would I like do one. He introduced me to two guys – Barry and Dave – who were enthusiastic and welcoming to the idea of us adding our then unnamed show to their network, which was pretty terrifying, but once you’ve told someone you’re going to do a thing, then you have to that thing, right?

And so Dissecting Worlds was born. It still took 7 episodes to get a proper name, and as we approach 90 episodes I’m almost confident we know what we are doing with it.

In that 16% of my life since then I’ve done a lot of stuff I thought I’d never get to do, and Geek Syndicate has been kind enough to let me do it. As well as the podcast they let me write a couple of monthly columns for them, as well as reviews, news and just the occasional ramble. They’ve been a massive help of the podcast – not only for letting us on their network but for the encouragement and technical help we’ve needed along the way. I got to speak to (and interview) one of my comic book heroes, something I’d have thought I’d get to do. I’ve been to more cons, and met some wonderful people, and had some wonderful opportunities to fulfil small ambitions along the way.

I’m not as active on the site as I’d like to be – Dissecting Worlds takes up a surprising amount of time for a show that goes out monthly and is at heart two old friends arguing – but the Syndicate has become more than that – it is it’s own community, with new people coming in all the time, new faces and new voices. To me, that’s always what geekdom has been about, as new people come in and are made to feel welcome, to share our obsessions and expressions. The Syndicate may only be a small corner of geekdom but it’s a warm and open one that I’m proud to be a part of.

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