GS at 10 Years: What GS Means to me Part 1 – Nuge

So this month Geek Syndicate is celebrating 10 years in the Podcasting game. To be honest I didn’t think we would make it 10 minutes into the podcasting game.

Anyway in celebration of that I asked some of the Geek Syndicate team to put together some thoughts on what Geek Syndicate means to them.

Ok as one of the co-founders of this crazy enterprise I will kick off the proceeding with my 10 thoughts of what I’ve learnt from 10 years of talking nonsense about Geekdom. Big thanks to Harold Jennett,  former creator of the Geek Syndicate web comic, who has summed up the GS Partnership between Dave and I after 10 years.



Please swing by Harold’s Patreon page and support his work which is fantastic.

So here are my ten thoughts

1. A geek can do anything with the right hat…
2. I have a terrible, terrible singing voice…shocker!
3. I have made more friends in the last 10 years than my whole life
4. The GS team is less team and more family
5. After that one Bristol con I have Jimmy Aquino ‘s back for life..he knows why (I miss Bristol con)
6. Hosting/guesting on a panel is both very scary and very fun.
7. You never know who’s listening to your podcast (looking at you Mr BBC producer who let us loose on iplayer)
8. Sometimes stepping out of the old comfort zone can lead you to places you never dreamed.
9. If they were here I know Mum and Dad (once I explained to them what GS length) would have been proud.
10. GS is flipping hard work but also a lot of damned fun and I am very proud of it and every single person crazy enough to be involved with it..yep even you monts (most of the time…well 30% of the time).
10a Podcast editing still takes ages!

In conclusion it’s amazing what can come out of one crazy idea, two bottles of whisky, two pizzas and drunken review of all six (at the time) Star Wars films.

Over the following days look out for more thoughts from the rest of the Geek Syndicate team.

Feel free if you are a listener, website visitor or anyone we’ve had dealing with over the years to leave any thoughts in the comments section below.

Stay sassy geekdom!!

Barry ‘The Nuge’ Nugent


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