GS at 10 Years: What GS Means to me Part 4 – Bobby

I love Geeky things, though it’s only recently I’ve known I did. When I was young there wasn’t really a Geek culture, not that I knew about anyway and certainly not in small Essex towns. There were just the weirdo’s who liked sci-fi, Dungeons and Dragons, horror movies, comics. I was one of those weirdos. And we all liked the same things because they were the only things we could get access to easily. And we all had the same opinions because we were the only ones we could talk to.

The Internet, for better or worse, showed that there were more than just half dozen people who shared your interests. There were millions. There was a community. And sure EVERYONE watches Game of Thrones now. Discussing what Tyrion did last night at work isn’t a problem. But the finer points of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or why women and kids always get possessed and not like, cops or firemen, or why a female reboot of Ghostbusters is a “Good Thing,” or why Wolverine is an arse – they are still things most of us can’t turn to the person at the next desk and talk about. Not easily. Not without filling in ten years of backstory. Not without it becoming a “thing.”

GeekSyndicate is that release for me. It’s where I can tell people what I’ve seen or read or heard. It’s where I can hear about things that other people have seen or read or heard. It’s a community where no one shouts and everyone listens. It’s a corner of the Internet that I’m glad I found.

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