Infinite Diversity, Finite Combinations: Shore Leave (Putting The “I” In “Hiatus”)

Shore Leave

Your humble author, tomorrow

So… did you know there’s, like, loads of Star Trek? I mean, just a ridiculously massive amount? And they’re still making more?

I need a vacation.


I’m kidding. Sort of. I’m aware of both the concepts of counting and time. I knew when I started this gig that I was committing myself to a schedule of posts that would take around a third of a decade to finish. The problem I’ve run into isn’t the years. It’s the weeks.

When I first pitched Infinite Diversity, Finite Combinations to Geek Syndicate, I had already written fairly thorough drafts of what would become the posts on each Star Trek pilot. I didn’t see any point in suggesting the idea unless I had some reason to believe I could pull it off, so I was already some way into the weeds from the very beginning. By the time we whisked the cloth from “0. 0. Destruct. 0”, I already had the next twelve posts in at least rough draft form.

Those were the days. Over the last sixty-two weeks, that twelve-post lead has gradually been eaten away, as life continually insisted on rudely intruding. By the tail end of December my head-start was just a memory, and I was desperately writing, re-writing and editing each post the same week it was published. That’s just not something I can do long-term. It’s not good for my private life or my mental health. Plus, on top of everything else, it’s impacting on the quality of what I’m posting.

Rather than continuing to stress, scrabble and suck, therefore, I’m taking some time off to build up a lead again. I want to stress that this is a hiatus, not a resignation letter I’m too scared to label as such. Infinite Diversity, Finite Combinations will be back. In fact, it will be back on the first Thursday of May, with my piece on “The Menagerie: Part I”, which is shaping up rather nicely. I think it is, anyway; it needs some more time to cook, rather underlining the point.

So that’s it for a few months. My thanks to everyone who has stuck with this series so far, and to our wonderful Director for letting me have this space each week to yell about one of the finest franchises television has given us.

See you all in May.


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