Khaleesi to Queen – The Fashionable Flowering of Daenerys Targaryen

MAIN IMAGEHair that shimmers like the pale amber wines of Pentos? Eyes so blue they put House Tully to shame? It can only be the exquisite Daenerys Targaryen, as portrayed by the ever-charming Emilia Clarke!

HBO’s adaptation of ‘Game of Thrones’ has thus far seen the dragon princess take her first tentative steps towards greatness: though she began her ascent as consort and Khaleesi to the fearsome Khal Drogo, she now has her sights quite firmly set upon the Iron Throne of Westeros. The various costume changes throughout the Seasons reflect her transition from Khaleesi to would-be Queen, and today we’ll be looking at two of most sublimely stylish!

What would Daenerys wear? Read on to find out, and to discover where to grab garments worthy of Old Valyria!

In Seasons Two and Three, Daenerys finds herself a long way from the sorrow and murder that littered the landscapes of Vaes Dothrak and The Red Waste: through the wealth and influence of the unctuous merchant prince Xaro Xhoan Daxos, the Targaryen Queen-In-Waiting is showered with ravishingly exotic gifts; particularly this graceful dress of summer-sky blue:


 The palette of this full-length dress reflects the cherished hopes Dany rediscovers in Qarth: the gown is sprinkled with delicate flecks of antique gold, and emboldened by a sensationally sultry plunging neckline- the filigreed girdle adds a touch of sensuously exotic mystique. The colours exude optimism, and at last, so does Daenerys!

It serves as a striking symbol of the princess’ transformation: gone are the beige-brown rags that marked her tenure as Khal Drogo’s consort- with the harsh aridity of life amongst his khalasar behind her, such dull colours and rough textures are no longer fitting.

The exotic beading adds a hint of tribal ferocity- life as Khal Drogo’s Khaleesi transformed her from a meek and helpless victim of her brother Viserys’ relentless cruelty, to a driven and regally confident commander in her own right. The heavy, hanging beads are a memento of her blood-drenched past; and a reminder that a Khaleesi is not to be trifled with…

This sensual ensemble is both bold and enticing: Daenerys is an extraordinarily beautiful woman, and she’s no longer afraid to draw attention to this. Ser Jorah certainly hasn’t failed to notice; though whether or not his ardent devotion to his lady will ever bear fruit is another matter entirely… Thus far, Daenerys has shown more interest in teaching her dragons to barbeque meat than in anything our poor beleaguered knight has to offer by way of romance- will she ever recognise the charms of the endearingly loyal exile? Season Three may yet reveal all!

Speaking of Season Three- the dress Daenerys chooses to wear as she sails to Astapor is far less lavish than Xaro’s gift, but more apt for the task before her: Slaver’s Bay is a place of business; and a dubious business at that- as a bidder for the Unsullied, Daenerys must appear to be pragmatic and powerful, though without losing her essential femininity- much like the harpy that serves as the city’s sigil:


The muted cobalt blue is complemented wonderfully by the fierce tusks of burnished gold that adorn her neck. The neckline is, once again, daringly feminine- but is made more intimidating by the prominently angular cap sleeves.

A Queen’s duty is more than donning silks and pearls- as Daenerys considers the ugly prospect of purchasing human lives, her garments begin to reflect the sometimes sordid nature of her task- Qartheen glamour and dealings with the dastardly Ghiscari simply don’t mix. Is this the garb of a conqueror…or a liberator? If you’ve been keeping up with Season Three, you’ll have your answer!

Dressing Like Daenerys

Looking for glorious garb worthy of Targaryen royalty? Look no further! This delicately patterned dress, from Free People’s ‘Maheya’ collection, is a remarkable dupe of Daenerys’s Qartheen gown, and is truly fit for a free-spirited Queen of the Summer Isles! Each piece is carefully hand-crafted using herbal dyes, making every dress unique:


Want a gilded slice of the grandeur of Qarth? No problem! This dress can be beautifully accessorised with the glorious Raj Metal Belt, also from Free People- the burnished gold tones glinting amidst the turquoise hues give off an effect as striking as Daenerys’ filigreed girdle, and the playful dangling charms add a hint of exotic allure from far across The Narrow Sea:


This subtly stunning maxi dress is designed by East, and in the same cobalt shade as that worn by Dany in her Astapor debut. It’s supremely flattering and incredibly versatile; perfect for a sultry Summer’s evening, or a moonlit walk on sandy shores:


Adorn yourself with a touch of Dothraki ferocity by pairing it with one of these formidable necklaces, crafted with Yak bone, and available through ‘Johnny’s Sister’ on Etsy- the Eastern-inspired charms and the hint of turquoise soften the overall effect; making this a fierce but fabulous statement piece, almost identical to that worn by Daenerys herself:


 Next week we’ll be looking at the sublimely sultry stylings of Firefly’s Inara Serra, so until next time- think like a Khaleesi, dress like a Queen!

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