MCM Expo 2010 – Eureka Audio interviews

As far as I’m concerned Syfy has a great show in Eureka, I absolutely love this tale of freak scientific mishaps in a town full of genius fools, and I love the sheriff’s inability to understand anything but being quick witted enough to deal with anything regardless.  I also love that things change in this show and they don’t hit the reset buton when that happens.

Anyway, the above paragragh probably explains why I was so excited at the prospect of meeting the cast. On the 1st day I got to spend some time with Colin Ferguson who plays Sheriff Carter. After I’d explained to him how much my wife fancied hi we got down to buisness and as you’ll see he’s a pretty cool dude.

Colin Ferguson

The next day I got to sit down with Colin again and Chris Gauthier (Vincent – the owner of cafe Diem) and Jordan Hinson (Zoe Carter).  This was one of my favourite interviews because they are just so much fun and obviously very comfortable with each other.

Eureka Cast Interview

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