MCM Expo 2010 – Warehouse 13 – 3 audio interviews

While not initially overkeen on Warehouse 13 when it started I gave it another go and found myself watching the whole season, so I was pretty glad to get the chance, along with a few others, to explore the charm of the show with Saul Rubinek(Artie) Joanne Kelly (Myka) and executive producer Jack Kenny.  As you will hear they are a fun bunch and Saul Rubinek in particular has so much insight to offer. At the end Jack Kenny trash talks Joanne Kelly’s celebrity opposition for Woman of the month on the Geeky Girls Love Sci-fi site and it’s hilarious.

Jack Kenny comes in about half way through and right at the end Colin ferguson from Warehouse 13’s sister show Eureka comes in and it’s obvious there s a real camraderie between the show’s.

Warehouse 13 Interview

However I realised that I had run out of time to ask my favourite questions which is basically advice for new actors/writers, So I sneaked into an interview session with Saul and Jack the next day that was being conducted by Essex TV.

Warehouse 13 pt2

And finally I got a chance along with the Essex TV boys to get an interview with Eddie McClintock who plays agent Pete Latimer.  A good bloke who cracks me up about half way through.

Eddie McClintock Interview


Hope you enjoy


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