SDCC 2013: Doctor Who Interviews & Nerd HQ Panel

With the 12th Doctor to be announced during BBC’s Doctor Who Live special, it’s almost the end of the 11th Doctor!  For many at SDCC, it was a bittersweet time as it will be the last time Matt Smith attends as the current Doctor.nerdhq13homepage

But he’s not gone just yet as Matt kept reiterating throughout the week! It was also Jenna-Louise Coleman’s first time at the big show and you could tell she was a bit overwhelmed but touched by all the love shown to them by the fans – especially the Clara cosplayers!

From the 50th Anniversary to the what kind of legacy he’d like to leave behind, Steven Moffat spoke to us about what’s next for the Doctor (oh how he’s going to make us weep) while Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman talked about everything from Karen Gillan’s new do to what life will be like with a new doctor. Take a peek at our interviews below:

It’s Filch! OK, so it’s really David Bradley and Mark Gatiss but I couldn’t help my internal Harry Potter squee when the pair sat down with us to chat about An Adventure in Space and Time special that’s been commissioned to celebrate the 50th Anniversary. Bradley plays the First Doctor, William Hartnell and the docudrama tells the tale of how Doctor Who came to be:

I then found myself at Nerd HQ once again for the Doctor Who panel. Matt Smith was a ham and had a ball on stage taking the mickey out of Steven (and Moffat doing it right back). Jenna seemed a bit quieter but I took that as her soaking in the love from the room. Honestly, it’s such a great venue for a more intimate panel experience that you just can’t get at SDCC plus 100% of the proceeds go directly to Operation Smile so what’s not to love about that? Check out the photos and panel below if you weren’t there or if you want to relive the moment:


Photo Credit: Sharlene Mousfar & Mirjana Vuga
Video Credit: Sharlene Mousfar


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