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If one were to judge by San Diego Comic-Con press rooms alone, it would be assumed that Grimm is one of the most talked about shows on television. In reality, the cult favorite seems to be constantly on the fence between renewal and cancellation (the industry calls it “on the bubble”).

The show, famous for its season finale cliffhangers, is about to go into its third season. ┬áDespite the chaos of the press room, we were able to sit down with most of the cast as well as executive producers to talk about what we can expect in this upcoming season. If you’re not caught up then let this be your Spoiler Warning!

It’s well known by Grimm fans that the pace of the end of last season was intense, and then we were left with the dreaded “To Be Continued…” title card. So what is to come of Grimm In A Box? The executive producers wouldn’t tell us much but we know from talking to Silas Weir Mitchell (“Monroe”) that “the show picks up right where it left off.” Star David Giuntoli (“Nick/Grimm”) confirms that he starts season three the way he ended in season two: “in a box.”

So Nick is a zombie and he’s in a coffin on his way to Europe. The producers to share that we will see Europe, but would not elaborate. We asked David about it and he gave us more of a riddle: “I’ll put it this way: They’ve filmed for five days so far and I’ve not been to Portland [where the show is filmed] yet…” but quickly tells us not to worry “It will still be called Grimm. I will be in the show. I am not dead.”

When we asked Silas if he could sum up what we should expect to see in season three he offered “Zombie attacks and Grimm’s life is at stake… and tons of crazy stunts. It’s very cinematic; very large in scope.” We discuss how the pace picked up toward the end of season two progressing towards Nick ending up zombified in a coffin and we asked if, since the show picks up where it left off, that pace will be continuing through season three and he tells us “It will start out that way, but then it won’t be as frantic. We will get back to creature-of-the-week-ish.”

Of course, the creature that will have to be dealt with first is Zombie Nick. When asked why the writers went with zombie, before the words “zombie trend” could be spoken Jim Kouf stepped in and said “Zombies came from a Haitian fairy tale. In trying to expand our horizons of fairy tales Haiti was one of the places we wanted to draw from,” and he reiterates “Our zombies are different… our zombies are based on the Haitian model.” So unless you’re brushed up on Haitian folktales, you may not be able to predict how things will go.

Then we have the issue of the key. If you remember at the end of last season, Nick gave the key to Rosalee (played by Bree Turner) for safe keeping and she stashed it in her safe (along with some other very mysterious items). Which brings up a lot of questions, according to Bree Turner: “What am I going to do with the key? Will someone know that I have the key? Will my life be in danger now that I’m keeping it safe? What are those other items in my safe and how can I use those to my advantage?” … I thought we were the ones asking the questions. Alas, to those we got no answers, but hopefully they will be answered in season three.

One of the major things to happen (finally!) toward the end of season two is the enlightenment, so to speak, of Juliette. We spoke to Bitsie Tulloch who plays Juliette to discuss how different things are going to be in season three than they were in season two. Of course, for starters, she will be conscious at the start of season three, so that is always a good sign. She tells us “Going into season three you’re going to see Juliette’s integration [into the Grimm world], which will not be easy I’m going to assume. I’m sure there are going to be a lot of obstacles,” citing the instance in season two when she asked Al (a human) what kind of Wesen he is.

The fantastic (and amazingly handsome, if I do say so myself) Sasha Roiz spoke very briefly about what we can expect dropping just a few teasers: 1. “There is going to be a blow out between Eric (played by James Frain) and I” 2. “There’s going to be an issue with the baby that’s coming” and 3. “There will be a lot of residuals from this zombie at the station.” — Okay, let’s attack that second thing he mentioned: the baby. When asked for some hints on the baby daddy, Claire Coffee (who plays Adalind) said “I don’t know if the writer’s even know. If they do, they haven’t told me.” (we aren’t 100% sure we believe her).

We asked her for more info on what to expect since she had literally just flown in from the set. She couldn’t say much (the running theme of the day!) but she did offer us a few juicy details. “There’s a lot of blood,” she lead with, continuing “there’s a lot of gore. Adalind is fiercely–with any way she knows how– trying to get these powers back.” She also tells us that getting back at people, or getting even isn’t higher on her list than just getting as much power as she can. She even goes so far as to form an unlikely alliance. “Adalind and Stefania kind of build this alliance. They both are getting something out of it.” A collective “Oooh” could be heard around the table.

So what does it all mean? It means you should be tuning into the season three premiere of Grimm which starts in the US on October 25, but no air date for the UK has been released yet – it should be sometime this autumn. Check out our photos below:

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Reporter: Christi Kassity
Photo Credit: Sharlene Mousfar

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