SDCC 2013: Haven Interviews & Nerd HQ Panel

nerdhq13homepagesan-diego-comic-conIf you haven’t been tuning into Syfy’s Haven then I have to ask: Is you crazy?! You have just over a month (or two if you’re in the UK) to catch up on three incredible seasons of the show before the highly-anticipated (at least by me) season four premiere starts in the US on September 14, and in the UK sometime in October. Check your local listings for exact times.

At this years Comic-Con, I sat and had lunch with the cast of Haven and we talked about the show, Colin Ferguson (who is going to be guest starring in eight episodes this season), Emily Rose‘s new baby, all of the fantastic guest stars coming up this season, Alf, Fred Willard, and “naked looking” puppets. Haven is cast with some of the nicest, funniest people I’ve had the pleasure to sit down with, and two years in a row, the Haven press table has taken the prize for my favorite Comic-Con experience. As a fan of the show it is always refreshing to see that the actors behind the characters I love so much are just as amazing as you think.

Some highlights from my time with Lucas Bryant, Emily Rose, and Eric Balfour include:

  • Hearing about Emily‘s new son, and how her co-stars are helping out.
  • How the show worked around Emily‘s pregnancy and all of the new characters coming in to balance out the workload.
  • Lucas Bryant and his humor. As Nathan, we don’t always get to see the wacky side of Lucas Bryant, but when he’s not in character he is a riot.
  • Was Eric Balfour “catfished” by a fake Parker Posey? (No spoilers here, You’ll have to listen)
  • “Naked Looking” Puppets and the barn built out of popsicle sticks.
  • Emily Interviews Lucas

Listen to the interview as well as the shenanigans that ensue the longer we all sit together.

Before sitting down with Lucas, Emily, and Eric, I sat down with season four guest star Colin Ferguson, as well as series regular Adam Copeland to talk about their roles in the upcoming season. Adam, who plays Dwight on the show, said that Dwight was supposed to be a one or two scene character, then it turned into one episode, then three episodes, and now he is a series regular.

He talks a bit about how he isn’t an actor and he feels so lucky to be apart of the show and he talks about some of the Haven merchandise and how as Edge the professional wrestler he was used to seeing that persona on everything from boxer shorts to towels, but its neat seeing Dwight in comic book form. The comic book he speaks about is the comic that will come with the season three DVD and Blu-Ray set that fills in the six month gap between when season three ended and season four picks up.

Colin is really funny and kind of steals the spotlight from Adam, but overall it was a really great time with both of them. Colin discusses a bit about his time playing the lovable Sheriff Jack Carter on Eureka, and shares with us how much he loves being on the set of Haven with a cast and some of the crew he has known for years. He doesn’t give too much detail about his character but he gives us a bit of a teaser. The audio can be heard below.

Just a few hours after the most fun press room I’ve been in in a very long time it was time to meet up with the Haven cast one more time at NerdHQ for their Conversation for a Cause. The regular cast–Lucas Bryant, Emily Rose, and Eric Balfour— was there, and joined by series regular Adam Copeland and season four guest star Colin Ferguson. They had all just come from a very successful panel at Comic-Con and despite being tired and hungover from their party the night before (and in some of their cases, maybe still drunk), then getting up early to do press tables and a panel and running all over San Diego, they still put on a Conversation panel that people will be talking about for a while. It was full of fun and energy and I laughed just as much as I did at the lunch table hours before. Moderator Alan Tudyk tried to cover for new mom Emily Rose, saying she was stuck in traffic when she was really pumping breast milk, but her co-stars couldn’t resist selling her out to the crowd of 250 people, plus all of the people at home watching the live stream on the internet. Luckily, after three seasons with the guys, Emily knows how to hold her own.

You can check out some pictures from the Haven press lunch below, and if you haven’t already watched, you can find the NerdHQ Conversation for a Cause panel below the photos. I will warn you though, it does contain some season three spoilers.

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Reporter: Christi Kassity
Photo Credit: Christi Kassity

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