SDCC 2013: Lost Girl Interviews

Lately, many of my favorite shows are coming from my neighbors to the north – Canada. Orphan Black, Continuum, Defiance and Being Human are all produced in Canada and Lost Girl is one of the best science fiction dramas to come along in a long time.

The series tells the story of Bo, a succubus who grows up unaware she’s adopted or of her fae nature. Running away from home, she eventually finds out about her power and is confronted to choose between either the Light or Dark fae. She declares herself Switzerland and we follow her on a journey to discover her past with lots of fighting and sexy times thrown in for good measure.

I was delighted to get the chance to talk with cast members Kris Holden-Ried (Dyson), Ksenia Solo (Kenzi) and Zoie Palmer (Lauren), along with Lost Girl series Executive Producers Emily Andras and Jay Firestone and Producer Vanessa Piazza.

Kris was excited to be back at Comic Con and that means light-fae wolf warrior Dyson’s back too: “Needless to say I survived. I’m here.” In relation to how the show was going to top itself over the last 3 seasons, he stated that: “All of the episodes are really ambitious. It’s getting difficult to film in 7 days like we usually do.”

Of what we can look forward to in season 4, Zoie elaborated that: “Things have changed. That we can say – things are not the same.” When asked specifically about her character, the smart and mysterious human doctor, Lauren, we find that: “She’s always walking the line of whether she’s good or not, y’know. So there’s more of that for sure.”

Ksenia plays Kenzi, the street-smart, sarcastic human best friend to Bo and she was a delight to chat with. When we last saw Kenzi, she was a bit lost and considering turning fae among other things. Ksenia chatted about a possible new romance for the sarcastic con artist with a heart as well as the return of Vex:

But Bo and company would not be around if it weren’t for showrunner Emily Andras and producer Vanessa Piazza. We spoke to the pair about the themes for Season 4 and the amount of research they do to come up with some of the fantastical creatures on the show:


Lost Girl‘s 4th season will premiere in November 2013 – keep an eye out to see where it will be airing in your area!

Reporter: Sharlene Mousfar
Photo Credit: Sharlene Mousfar

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